Jul 26, 2010

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Well, I guess I'll tell about how Scottie and I came to be.  Short version is that he was best friends with my ex-boyfriend!  I met him the same night I met my ex-boyfriend.  We always got along very well, but when my ex and I split up, Scottie and I also went our separate ways.  We lived in town 25 miles apart and it was difficult to keep up a friendship anymore.  So, 2 years passed and then a tragedy brought us back together.  I recieved a call from my ex-boyfriend's ex-wife....he had been in a terrible motorcycle accident and didn't make it.  Her and his family lived in another part of the state and she did not know how to contact any of his friends in this area.  She left that up to me and on the day of the funeral Scottie, another couple, and I all got together to attend the funeral.  It was a terrible time.....

After that Scottie and I kept in touch and started spending time together.  We were both miserable and missing Tommy very much.  We understood each other's sorrow.

One evening, Scottie admitted to me that he had always had feelings for me and had always been in love with me.  He suggested us dating, and I was afraid to date him because I didn't want to chance losing such a great friend.  He told me that I wouldn't ever lose him because he knew that I would someday be his wife.  I wasn't as sure as him at the time, but he was persistent and we did begin to date.  6 months later he got a job in the town where I teach.  We moved in together.  We got a ring in May and now are planning to be married in July of this year!  I guess he knew what he was talking about!! lol! 

We mourn the passing of Tommy, but are also glad that we were brought back together.  Tommy would've been proud and he would've been  happy for both of us.  He is smiling down on us in Heaven.