Apr 16, 2011

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My fiance and I met eight years ago when I was a freshman in college.  For the longest time, we only knew each other by online communication. He was my ex husband's college roommate, and my ex introduced us. Through AIM and email, we became great friends.  We didn't meet in person until the spring of 2007 when he came into town to be a groomsman in my first wedding( weird I know!)  Unbeknownst to me, he had a secret crush on me for years!  I didn't begin thinking of him in a romantic way until my ex husband and I split up. One day I just looked at him and realized he meant more to me than "just a friend".  Part of me always knew  that he could be very important in my life, but I didn't admit it! Our first date was in May of 2009 and our relationship blossomed from there!  We were engaged on June 12th of 2010, and immediately started planning our April 2011 wedding!