Sep 19, 2009

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1st Project: Money Box, thanks to one of the PW brides, this took me forever but it was so worth it. 

DIY Projects photo 1

2nd Project: 12 Pomander Balls, so easy and frugal!!

DIY Projects photo 2

DIY Projects photo 3

Still To do:

Manzanita Branches (2)

Cake Topper

Wedding Arch

Seating Chart

Wedding Programs

Table Numbers


And many more....

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This is a Madison dress and I absolutely love it.  Finally found a pic of it!!

The Dress photo 1

Second Dress

The Dress photo 2


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September 19, 2009!!!

Our wedding will be approximately 130-140 people with a majority being my parent's guests from their church. 

The ceremony will be outside in Oakes Garden Theatre.  This place is literally every bride's dream. 

The Wedding Date photo 1


The Wedding Date photo 2

The Wedding Date photo 3

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The ring is a beautiful Tiffany round brillant with bead-set band.  The diamond is 1.03 with VVS2 clarity and color G.  The side stones are .25 of a carat with the same quality stones.  It fits perfectly and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.


The Ring photo 1

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The proposal was not your typical perfect night.  On January 29, 2008 it was cold and rainy.  He came to pick me up after a late day of work from the subway, about after 10pm.  It just started to rain and it was freezing out.  First, I totally yelled at him for not driving cuz we're gonna get soaked. I am so mean!!  Then, he asked if I'd like to go for a walk, and I was like are you crazy??? it's so cold out!!!...We decided to go for some bubble tea which was right next door and then we proceeded to walk underground to our condo.  He stopped at this town centre where we have a gazebo and gardens and proceeded to get on one knee.  It was so cold out but with all the adrenaline and surprise, I didn't feel a thing.  It was so perfect, it was pitch black out, no one around and he was so sweet.  All around us was just the lights from the gazebo and the gardens.