May 28, 2011

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Matron of Honor: Melanie, my BFF since 3rd grade!

The Bridal Party photo 1

Maid of Honor: Christy.  We're an interesting pair.

The Bridal Party photo 2

My cousins, Michelle, Amy, and Alison: Might as well call them my sisters.The Bridal Party photo 3


The Bridal Party photo 4


The Bridal Party photo 5


The Bridal Party photo 6

BFF and College roomie, Sarah:

The Bridal Party photo 7

BFF and past Coworker (and dancing buddy), Monica:

The Bridal Party photo 8

Monica's bf is also in the wedding.  Here they are!  Monica and Dave:

The Bridal Party photo 9

My junior bridesmaids are my FI's two daughters, Courtney and Jaime:

The Bridal Party photo 10

Some of the Boys!  These are my brothers standing up on FI's side:


The Bridal Party photo 11

Michael: (he's a little nuts!)

The Bridal Party photo 12

We are really close.  Here is the three of us dancing at the bar in Mexico:

The Bridal Party photo 13

Groomsman, Derek.  FI's army buddy(with his fiance):

The Bridal Party photo 14

Ring Bearer is my nephew, Keegan!  He's precious:

The Bridal Party photo 15

Performing the ceremony is my cousin (we could call him brother), Greg, Keegan's dad:

The Bridal Party photo 16


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Paul and I met through a mutual friend.  I hesitated to go out with him, but he sent me flowers at work on Valentine's Day, and I felt I could at least go on one date with him.  It turned out GREAT!  We've been together and in love ever since.  We are getting married on May 28, 2011 and are SO excited about it!

We're Engaged!!!!

He proposed on the beach at sunset!


Hello everyone in PW land!  I'm so excited to marry the love of my life!  It's coming up so fast.  I love looking at all of your ideas and weddings and hope anything I put up here inspires some of you!  I'm a DIY bride who is making every cent count.  I love planning my wedding and love making all this stuff my own.

Here are some of our engagement pics.  One of my BM's took them.  She's amazing and is going to take my B-pics too.














Dress Shopping...this is THE ONE!!!


With some of my bridesmaids:

With my Mommy!


My future step-daughters and junior bridesmaids!


My bridesmaids' dress!

But in this color (this was going to be my junior BM dress, but it worked out that they could wear the same one as the adults):

The Venue:  The Villa Cesare.  There is a gazebo where we will have the ceremony then right inside to PARTY!

Memorial Candle Holders:


Favors from orientaltrading.com

My guesbook!!  I LOVE this!



My earrings from etsy seller blustarfruit:

My possible rehearsal dinner dress.  We're having a cookout!  I promise I'll have a tan by then.  And little white sandals, not socks.  :)

Random pic of groomsmen gift, flower girl bag, and teeny cake topper.  We are doing all cupcakes, so this will be on the top one.  It's so cute.  I put a soda can next to it so you can see how little it is.  I love it!

The front of my invites!  I love my invites.  They are about 5 pages all put together with that ribbon.  They took forever to make, but I'm in LOVE with them!