Sep 10, 2011

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I was fresh out of high school getting ready to start interior design school, & start working as the designer of a women's clothing catalog. I ended up getting really sick & was hospitalized. Both my fiancé & I have Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Having CF means a lot of hospital admissions for me, a lot of IV antibiotics, & a shortened life. There is no cure for CF, although one is getting closer. During that hospital stay I was in for three weeks, which is normal for me. I usually have to be admitted every 6-8 weeks for 3 weeks of vigorous antibiotics. While being admitted I met a woman named Tiffany who also had CF & was in for her typical tune up. We call it a tune up because it's a regular occurrence & without it, we become very sick & can't function in daily life. We began talking & instantly became best friends. I would go stay the night with her & her husband and it was great because I'd never had a friend with CF before. Occasionally she would bring up an old childhood friend named Brian. She said they grew up together, went to the same school and both had CF & went to the same hospital. One day she sent me a picture message of him doing something really funny. Just from the picture I could tell he was a funny guy with a great personality. So I told her I wanted to meet him. Well I was spending the weekend with her & her husband and we decided to go shopping. She casually brought up that he saw her pictures of her & I out a bar, and ones of us just having fun during the summer. He told her that I was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Brian told her that he HAD to meet me! So after shopping she had to stop at Verizon Wireless to get her phone fixed. Well guess who showed up.....?! On August 24, 2006 I met my soul mate at a cell phone store lol. We talked so long while we were there. Then afterwards we all went to Tiffany's house and her & I made dinner for the guys. We had a blast together that night! That's why at the end of the night before he went home....I asked him for his number. I'm the kind of girl who knows what I want & I go after it and get what I want. I knew he was what I wanted!