May 12, 2012

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Brandon is from Hampton and I from Norfolk, so it makes sense to have our wedding where our family is. In addition, we both love sailing and boating so we want to have a nautical themed wedding. Here are my color inspirations:

                                Inspiration and Theme photo 1

I really love this invitation suite by idoityourself on etsy:

                                  Inspiration and Theme photo 2

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The ring was his great-grandmother's ring! She bought it in 1950 and paid a few dollars every week until it was paid off.

                        The Ring photo 1                   The Ring photo 2

Brandon and I are both really close with our family so it means so much to have a family ring! When we'd joke around about the ring, he said he was going to buy me something plain and I always wanted diamonds on the band, AND a princess or emerald cut. The diamond is actually a round brilliant, but the way it is set makes it look princess cut. I couldn't be any happier! I LOVE IT!

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Brandon and I met through a mutual friend our Sophomore year at Virginia Tech. We were both Greek so we often crossed paths at socials or downtown. At the time, he had a girlfriend but it didn't stop us from talking all the time and exchanging life stories.

As our college years went by, we became best friends. Unfortunately, we never dated. One of us was always single while the other was in a relationship and vice versa. My mom always reminded me how much she loved Brandon and how we were perfect for each other. Finally, six months after we graduated and were both FINALLY single at the same time, we met for dinner and the rest is history! Brandon asked me to be his date the following Valentine's Day and since then, we've been inseparable.

I moved in with Brandon in March of 2010. We always talked about our future (even senior year when he had a girlfriend!) and knew we'd get married one day. On August 20, 2010, Brandon asked me to leave work early. We had plans to spend the weekend in Atlantic City with some close friends. When I got home, I packed and got antsy when Brandon didn't want to leave right away. He had been acting funny all day - sending me sweet text messages about how much he loved me.

We finally left and when we should have gone North, Brandon continued east and informed me that we may not be going to Atlantic City that night. Since we both grew up on the water and Brandon grew up sailing, our destination was a no brainer!

                                   Our Story photo 1

We arrived at a marina in Annapolis and boarded a huge sailboat Brandon had chartered. We sipped drinks and sailed around the Annapolis area. As the sun began to set, he lead me to the bow. After a few awkward moments of counting jellyfish as they floated by, he told me how much I meant to him and how there was no way we couldn't spend the rest of our lives together (or at least that's how I think it went - I was so overwhelmed and a tad tipsy too!). He pulled out his great grandmother's ring and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!

Our Story photo 2        Our Story photo 3

After the proposal, we sailed to Carrol's Creek for a fancy dinner and tons of champagne. We called our parents and closest friends and relatives to relay the wonderful news! After that, we spend the night in the Romance Suite in the Loews Hotel in Downtown Annapolis.

                                                Our Story photo 4

And yes, the next morning we left for Atlantic City to celebrate with friends!