Sep 24, 2011

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So we finally had our engagement photos and after a very rainy week the rain finally held off long enough for us to get some good photos.  We decided to get the photos taken at the University of Delaware campus, we both graduated from there.  We had a great time, here are few of my favorites! We loved our photographer, Mike Landis, check out his blog for more photos!

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We decided to do Phillies calendar magnets (kind of like how the realitors do) as our save the dates.  I designed them myself and sent them off to to get printed.  They are were very reasonably priced and turned the magnets around super fast.

Save the Dates photo 1

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I was lucky enough to select a florist (Carl Allen, who i highly recommend) that made demo's up of the flowers I wanted so i know exactly what my flowers will look like.  I highly suggest for everyone to ask for a mock up of their flowers so they know exactly what they are getting.

Flowers photo 1 My Bouquet (cally lillies, frescia, roses, gerber daisies)

Flowers photo 2Bridesmaid Bouquet (spider mums, daisies, roses, callalillies)

Flowers photo 3Center piece - 22in with orchids, roses, spider mums, frescia, and bear grass

Flowers photo 4 Mother bouquet - my mom wanted nothing to do with a coursage so my mom and my FMI will get this simple arrangement of callalillies and red roses.

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We are having the ceremony and reception at Citizens bank park in Philadelphia, (the phillies stadium).  I am by no means a baseball nut but me and my fiance are fans of the team.  We get partial season tickets  every year and its where we had some of our first few dates. We both wanted something fun and different that people would remember so when i found out you could get married though we both thought it was a no brainer.  Because the venue already has a pretty strong color scheme we are going with what we have ie crimson red, royal blue and whites/silver.

  The Venue and Colors photo 1The Venue and Colors photo 2The Venue and Colors photo 3

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Chris had "delusions of grandeur" when he first bought the ring, but then realized that small & romantic was the way to go.  It was an atypical Sunday in our house (both of us were home on a weekend!) and after doing some yard-work in the morning I wanted to go for a run.  Chris pretended he was too tired, but suggested a nice leisurely stroll at Longwood Gardens.  I found this a bit out of place, but dismissed the thought.  On the drive there I could have sworn I saw something in his pocket and thought it might be a ring box.  But then realized it was just his camera - I was getting in my crazy place and just needed to relax and enjoy the gardens (so I wouldn't be disappointed for the rest of the day).

When we got there, we walked around a bit and ended up at the Italian Water Gardens.  Chris saw a small off-shoot that was more private and took me down under the guise of "taking better pictures".  When they got down, he professed his love and how perfect a match they were.  I said thank you and agreed... but didn't understand why the camera wasn't out!  As Chris got down on one knee, I said "Oh no... you're not!" (in surprise) but as soon as he asked, tears came to my eyes and I said yes.The Proposal photo 1

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Even though we grew up only 10 minutes apart (across state lines) and attended the same college we first met long after - at a New Year's Eve pre-party in 2005/2006 being thrown by one of chris's close friend and one of my close friends who happened to live together. I quickly took notice of Chris's quick wit and sarcastic humor.  While Chris had a girlfriend at the time I still made a point to keep in touch over the years. We met up for dinner monthly with another mutual friend and grew a strong friendship. In 2008, "the fates aligned" (we were both not seeing anyone) Chris mustered up the courage and asked out me out on a "real date" and well... the rest is history.How we Met photo 1