May 12, 2012

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For the Ladies:

My beautiful bridesmaids will be getting these tote bags from Etsy

What They Will Be Getting photo 1

And inside there will be a waffle weave embrodieried cosmetic bag filled with sample sizes of the makeup they will be wearing the day of the wedding, a grey satin robe from Victoria's Secret that they will wear when getting ready, a bridesmaid's survival kit, photo of a favorite memory of the two of us and a thank you card


For the gentlemen:

The guys will be getting these cigar boxes also from Etsy

What They Will Be Getting photo 2

Inside will be a pair of customized cufflinks, hip flask, the tie and socks they will be wearing on the wedding day and a thank you card.


For the little ones:

Still haven't figured out what to get for the flower girl and ring bearer :/


Any ideas?? 

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Wedding Ceremony Music

Prelude: Aladdin "A Whole New World"

Processional: Bruno Mars "Marry You"

Bridal Entrance: Blake Shelton "Honey Bee"

Wedding Recessional: Counting Crows "Accidently in Love"

Postlude: Jason Michael Carroll "Living Our Love Song"

Wedding Reception Music:

First Dance: Big & Rich "Lost in This Moment"

Father/Daughter Dance: Frank Sinatra "The Way You Look Tonight"

Mother/Son Dance:

Cake Cutting: Marvyn Gaye "How Sweet it Is (To be Loved by You)"

Garter Toss:

Bouquet Toss: Beyonce "Single Ladies"

Last Dance: Lifehouse "You and Me"



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The girls will be wearing grey strapless dresses and carrying a purple bouquet. I want them to wear their own jewelry and shoes so their unique personalities shine through. The boys will be wearing grey pants with a grey vest, white long sleeve button down shirt with purple argyle socks and a purple tie.

Inspiration for their attire

Bouquet inspiration for the bridesmaids

What They Will Be Wearing photo 3

Inspiration for the groomsmen




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So I'm starting to rethink my color scheme, I'm really into the peacock theme (I just mainly love the colors) and have always loved the colors in the movie Aladdin... So after countless hours of reading blogs, looking at pictures for information, and tearing out pages from magazines, I think I have found my perfect color scheme. Rose, charcoal grey, and plum :)

Also I want to change my wedding venue, I think it would be awesome to get married at the zoo in my home town.

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Although Ryan and I aren't going to be doing E-pics, I couldn't help but fall in love with these, maybe inspire some of you awesome PW ladies :)

NOTE: If I used one of your photos please message me so I can credit you, thanks :)

           E Pic Inspiration photo 1                          E Pic Inspiration photo 2

      I love how they incorporated their dog in this                                       This one makes me miss Ryan :( LOL

       pic...too cute!                                                                                                         [m.h.1.23]

 E Pic Inspiration photo 3

I love how much fun this one is :)


 E Pic Inspiration photo 4

So sweet, I love this idea


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After much deliberation, Ryan and I decided to elope in Vegas before his deployment. It was such an awesome experience, we did the drive through wedding...too much fun! <3

                 Married In Vegas photo 1         Married In Vegas photo 2 

                                                                                 This couple was getting married in Vegas

                                                                                                     just like me and Ryan. They were so sweet

                                                                                                     I just had to take their picture :)

Married In Vegas photo 3

LMAO this is too funny :)

Married In Vegas photo 4 Married In Vegas photo 5

Our friends couldn't resist taking a picture next to this                     Ryan's parents in front of the "Welcome To Vegas"

sign...such goof balls but I love them :)                                           sign.