Sep 11, 2010

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Reception photo 1Reception photo 2Reception photo 3Reception photo 4Reception photo 5Reception photo 6Reception photo 7Reception photo 8

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So our rehearsal took place at the gazebo, where we were supposed to get married.  Unfortunately we were rained out.  Oh well!

My Mom and Grandfather walked me down the "aisle"

Our practice session.

Rehearsal photo 1

Pull it together girls!

Rehearsal photo 2

That's better!

Rehearsal photo 3


My Mom and her Father (two peas in a pod)

Rehearsal photo 4

My Brother and sister-in-law

Rehearsal photo 5

I guess technically we were married the day before, we signed the license at the rehearsal!

Rehearsal photo 6Rehearsal photo 7

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Manis and Pedis for my girls on the day before:


My MOH: later she told me the woman was hurting her feet, the pain she endured for me!! Awww!!!

Pre rehearsal preparations photo 1


Pre rehearsal preparations photo 2 

Red was the color of the day!

Pre rehearsal preparations photo 3

Nail Bar was very tolerant of all us crazy women!!

Pre rehearsal preparations photo 4

Poor Gladys still had a pin in her little broken toe.  Only half a pedi for her!

Pre rehearsal preparations photo 5

There's me, so tired already and it has only just begun!

Pre rehearsal preparations photo 6

My MOH and daughter getting more pretty nails.

Pre rehearsal preparations photo 7

Pretty nails!

Pre rehearsal preparations photo 8



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So it is done, I am a Mrs.!!!!

 Here are a few non-professional photos from our day.  We may have been rained out of our outside venue, but the guys in the wedding party did a gret job making plan B just as wonderful!

Plan B was the dance floor in the reception hall. I will post more ceremony pics when I get them from our photographer.

The guys purchased and decorated this arch, so that I wouldn't have to get married with a plain wall as the background.  So awesome!

Our wedding arch

My Groom and Best Man decorating while the girls got all done up. They did a great job!

Wedding photo 1

My red carpet aisle

Wedding photo 2 

My Groom, one of the groomsmen and our officiant.

Wedding photo 3


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I had my trial up-do, here is how it turned out.

Up do trial photo 1Up do trial photo 2Up do trial photo 3Up do trial photo 4