Dec 03, 2010

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I can't decide if I want a loose messy updo or add extensions and have it down.I lke both of these.

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- Our Colors are Pink and Gold

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Donovan and I met at his cousin's sweet 16. He is originally from Miami and flew up for her birthday party. His Aunt is my Godmother, so we are positive that our stollers must have crossed. After a short time of him stalking me on facebook, I finally decided to give him a chance and let me take me out on a date. I knew this would be near impossible given that he lived in Miami. He kep his word and took me out, and continued to take me out every Friday for the next month. Little did I know, that he worked for American Airlines, and basically flew for free.

After two years of long distance dating he moved from Miami to NY and we began living together. Last year, on my 25th birthday, he surprised me with a dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant and was met by closest friends and family. After dessert it was time to open gifts. He gave me a box and got on one knee. Everyone in the restaurant was in awe as he asked me to be his wife. I'm told I answered, "Are you sure?" lol.

The rest is history...We're getting married on Friday, December 3, 2010, and I can't wait!


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She's a lhasa apso and maltese mix. Nala won't be there for the wedding but she will be in the hotel to see me and my bridal partry get ready. I'm still thinking about getting her a cute wedding outfit.