May 07, 2011

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I had to make a new page for my shoes! lol. i looooooove them! semi-diy!


MY SHOES photo 1

beginning stage:

MY SHOES photo 2

almost done:

MY SHOES photo 3MY SHOES photo 4MY SHOES photo 5MY SHOES photo 6MY SHOES photo 7MY SHOES photo 8MY SHOES photo 9


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invitations: bought embossed cardstock, ribbon and rings...

DIY s A Labor of Love photo 1



veil: took over 150 hrs to bead...

DIY s A Labor of Love photo 1DIY s A Labor of Love photo 2DIY s A Labor of Love photo 3


cardbox: still working on it...

DIY s A Labor of Love photo 4DIY s A Labor of Love photo 5


bridal bouquets: still working on corsages and boutinerres...

DIY s A Labor of Love photo 6



candles and holders:


tables #:


my 2nd veil:

sorry about the pic...idk what happend lol...

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i lost 30lbs to fit in this dress! my first fitting:

The Process a working progress photo 1The Process a working progress photo 2The Process a working progress photo 3The Process a working progress photo 4

i haven't found a veil that will match this. i made one but i think with the jacket it would be tooo much...idk yet! lol



gotta thank amorza for this one! don't mind the eyebrows! lol

all my good pics wont load...:-(

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January 2009:

My best friend, 'Marv' was a musican and I filled in as his manager booking gigs. Even though I had my own career as a plus size model, I was on a desperate search to find a manager when met 'Rock' who managed acts in Va. I arranged a meeting to see if he was legit(lol) or not. While we were waiting there was performances going on- THAT'S when I saw 'J-Nyce' on stage. I remember saying to myself "Wow, he's cute and very talented..." A month passes and 'Rock' becomes my bf's manager....

April 2009:

I was working very closely with 'VIP Management' when they opened a modeling division. Even though that meant I was around 'J-Nyce' more, I never saw him as anything more than friends. Plus, he was soo popular with the ladies- I never thought of him as relationship material. One day he asked me for my number. I didn't think anything of it because i was on the company's management team, so I gave it to him for business purposes.... 

May 2009:

There's a major concert in Atlanta and 'Rock' needs me to go. I invited my cousin to come along. I knew I would have fun if she came with me so I won't get stuck in "business mode" the whole time. Immediately, my bf, 'Marv' and cousin hit it off and were inseperable. The night of the show 'J-Nyce' pulls me to the side and said he needed to tell me something. The whole time he's trying to talk, I'm rushing him to hurry up so I can get to work. Last thing I remember him saying was "You're gonna be my wife. I'm gonna marry you..."

whoa now!

I was not expecting that to come out of his mouth, so I acted like I didn't hear him and walked away! Same night, it was time for him to perform. I've seen him perform a million times but this one was different. It seemed as if he was singing to me. Next thing I know he is off the stage in my face pulling me close to him- "OMG!" I thought, "What the hell is he doing?" I was so embarassed I turned beet red! after the performance I gracefully ran to the entrance to check on ticket sales (but I really needed air). 'J-Nyce' found me and apologized for embarassing me. I accepted and went about my business. Later that night, I ended up with a cold and decided to stay at the hotel while everyone else went to the after party. Now, I'm sharing a massive hotel suite with my bf, cousin, and j-nyce. When everyone returned, I was knocked out! I woke up at 5am to find J-Nyce staring at me (weird! lol) I asked him "What was wrong?" and he replied "I meant everything I said outside before the show". I told him to quit playing. I know the games guys play. Next thing you know he kissed me! i was shocked and then I actually kissed him back. I couldn't be sexy with it due to my cold and me smelling like vicks vapor rub lol (and the fact I sneezed lol) so we sat on the couch and and he rubbed my head till i fell back to sleep......before I dozed off I asked him what his real name was and he replied Charles... then I told him I'm gonna call him Charles Darling...he said Lady Dee and Charles Darling....I like it....


                                      ..........................more to come........................

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So I'm realizing that the recession has hit everyone, including my dad. I am now forced to save money. I thought this would be so difficult but I love the challenge and now I have become a DIY Bride! My wedding is worth almost $20,000, but with a great team and a WHOLE LOT of elbow grease so far I've been able to cut it in half-and I just started!!!



my wedding budget was $10,000 but now it $5,000. and i actually came in under budget....we are getting married at a swanky hotel with butler cocktails and everything is included. and all the other stuff i d-i-yed!!!  i wanted quality even though i didn't have the quantity of money. took me a yr but my planner and i worked it all out...

cake: 4 tier, originally $450 but after looking around i got the same cake for $250

dj: $600 but after looking around i found a local radio station dj for $225

venue: $4500 (i couldn't get around this), includes food, decor, butler, drinks, etc. but with the wedding being in the morning -reduced to $3250. my planner got them to add on an additional room to have ceremony in

one thing i noticed is that vendors love competition...lol...so we let everyone compete over us! i love a bargain

i will have a mass break down of everything ive spent after the wedding! may 7th here i come

---------------more to come-----------------




i'm thinking to keep the colors simple and monochromatic with punches of color...

 Lapis<main color: bridesmaids dresses, sashes and ties, etc

 Lilac<second main color: ribbons, flowers etc.

 Purple<ribbons, flowers etc.

  Purplish Pink<ribbons,flowers etc.

 Silver< jewelry, shoes, crystal, bling, etc.