Jun 12, 2010

( 4.2 / 5.0 )
I found Erin on chat room and she offered her services as my "day of" coordinator. When I first started working with her I was really excited about all of her ideas and help. I planned my wedding in San Francisco from Oklahoma, so I was really excited to find her and at a great price! I felt like she was always responsive to phone calls and e-mail. She did a great job getting in touch with all of the vendors, setting up a timeline, and asking me questions about details that I'd spent a lot of time on during my planning. I was very pleased with how our conversations went prior to the wedding; however, she did fail to mention that she would be bringing an assistant with her until a couple of weeks before the wedding.
She's a darling person to work with and I felt very comfortable handing things over to her. Overall I think Erin did a great job... She chased my dad around before the ceremony, hunted flip-flops out of my mom's hotel room when my feet started hurting, and took care of all of the reception flowers at the end of the night. The only reason I gave her three stars instead of five was due to an oversight before the ceremony. I spent about a month making my own programs in Microsoft Publisher, printing them, and then hand cutting them. The night before the wedding my MOH and I hole punched 100 programs and tied ribbons to them. I was hoping to have the bubbles blown after my husband and I were announced husband and wife. I noticed that the bubbles were not blown, but didn't realize that the programs weren't handed out until just recently. My mother e-mailed Erin and asked about the programs because she wanted to have one for a keepsake and Erin responded that she put them under the guest book table and told the ushers to pass them out and they just didn't do it... so, she's not sure where they are now. Mistakes happen... I know weddings are never perfect, but I thought the professional response would have been for her to admit that it was her responisbility to make sure they were handed out and to just apologize. We're still not sure where they are, I guess they're just lost forever :(
Services used: Wedding Planning, Unique Services