Sep 18, 2010

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Me and my FH meet six years ago and I believe it was love at first sight (at least that’s what he said-LOL).

Through the years we have had our ups and down, but in the end it was GODS unchanging grace that has kept us grounded in one another.  I can truly say without a doubt that I am marrying my soul mate and best friend! My weaknesses are his strengths’ and vise versa.

We both come from really small towns (country) and have been blessed with loving families who have been so supportive throughout our years of courting (that’s how the elders say it-LOL).

I believe that my FH will agree that our greatest inspiration through the years has been our mothers love and GODS guidance.

We are both at a point in our life where we are on equal yolk and I am so looking forward to growing old with the man of my dreams!!!!!!!