Aug 07, 2010

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Hi Everyone!!

I am so excited to come onto PW and offer my services to all the couples out there!!

Pink Peony Weddings offers wedding coordination/design services for couples getting married in Northern California.

We pride ourselves in collaborating with our clients on a personal level and we believe that professionalism, style, quality, and budget can live happily ever after when planning a wedding.

My inspiration for Pink Peony Weddings came from the experiences that I had in planning our wedding. I ran into a lot of vendors that didn't have my best interest in mind and that would try to take advantage of our wedding. I was savvy enough to do more research and explore my options at great length and because of that I have a full team of great vendors who I know will do a great job at my wedding....It was then when I thought...Wouldn't it be great to not just be a wedding coordinator but to be the couples advocate as they plan their wedding? To be able to give couples the piece of mind that not only do they have someone to help them plan their wedding and organize them, but knowing that there is someone there that has your best interest at heart while planning your wedding.

We offer a full range of services that are sure to cover all couples and their needs, budgets and situations.

Follow our Blog & Twitter @pinkpeonywed

On the blog we have great inspiration pictures, trends, tips, and updates on where I am in planning our wedding!


to showcase our services and our commitment to helping couples bring their dream wedding to life, we are offering COMPLIMENTARY "DAY OF" and PLANNING SERVICES to all 2010 couples!...check the packages on our website, pick one, and if you are getting married in 2010...we will provide that package free of charge! 

Getting married in 2011...don't worry, contact us for super SWEET deals on our packages. Curious? Just ask about pricing for 2011 and we will not disappoint you!