Jun 23, 2012

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Dan took me out to Connecticut for the first time to meet his Albert side of the family. We were staying with his Aunt Sheilah and Uncle Lou and their two daughters. Everyone was very welcoming and made me feel like family immediately!

The night of the 20th, after some homemade Bailey's and Guinness and some hot tub relaxation; I went to bed. Daniel stayed up talking with Lou for few more hours. When Daniel came to bed, he woke me up for a talk about the future. Now, we've had chats like these before, I didn't think anything of it. But then he said, "Ashley, I'm serious; please wake up and let's talk."

After chatting for a few minutes, Daniel pulls me out of bed, kneels down on both knees and says, "Ashley, I love you. And you've put up with my crazy ass for so long and I don't know how or why you have but I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?" I was crying and couldn't stop smiling. I actually asked him, "Is this for real?" He said yes so of course I said YES!

With his proposal being spontaneous; he didn't have a ring, so he moved my claddagh ring that he got me while on a trip to England from my right hand to my left hand.

We promptly mass texted (due to the hour) family and friends back home the great news! Back home in CA it was only 11pm but it was 2am in CT. Both Mom's called us right away to talk since they were both up still.

MOB said, "It's about time! Congrats and welcome to the family Daniel."

MOG said, "Why'd you have to get engaged all the way out there?! LOL Welcome to the family Ashley, but you already were!"

The next morning, I went downstairs and told Dan's Aunt Sheilah that I guess I could call her Auntie Sheilah now. She was BEYOND excited. She went out and bought a cake to celebrate the that night; except the store messed up royally with the spelling. Made for quite a story!

Our Congrats Cake - misspelled


It wasn't until 2 years after being engaged that I finally got my e ring! I love it!

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I (Ashley) am a born and raised CA Bay Area girl. My family moved around a lot when I was younger but I consider my home town Santa Clara because that's where I went to school the most. I am very laid back down to earth type but I also enjoy the finer things in life when I can afford them. I have an older sister who is my bestest friend and I'm very close with my parents and grandparents. Family means the world to me and I hold them dear to my heart. Friends that are family by choice as well. I consider myself very blessed. 

Daniel (Dan) is a 2nd generation imigrant. He was born in the UK and came over to the states when he was two years old. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister all younger than him. He is also a very laid back type of person who doesn't like to plan and likes to live day to day to see what's thrown at him. He's silly, strong, romantic when he wants to be, and kind hearted. He wears his heart on his sleeve and would do anything for his family and friends. He loves the outdoors and loves working with his hands. He's your traditional old school kinda guy and is not afraid to speak his mind. 

Dan and I have been together since Jan 2004 and we both can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I was your typical Disney Princess type girl who also loves sports and camping. He was your typical skater boi who loved BMX'ing and four wheeling. We have lots of fun together and love discovering new hobbies. Dan has taught me a lot over the years and he keeps me grounded to reality instead of day dreaming about fairy tales.

Dan and I met on New Years Eve of 2003. He was celebrating the event with friends in Redwood City and I was tagging along with a friend of mine who was visiting her boyfriend at the time; Phil. My brief introduction to Dan was about 5 minutes long; however long enough to peak both of our interest in each other.

After my friend and I left the party to ring in the new year at her Uncle's house in San Jose, she called up Phil and asked him if he wanted to hang out for a bit. He did, and by my encouragment, she asked Phil to bring his friend Dan with him.

After talking non stop for about 3 hours; the boys were heading home. Daniel tried to be sly and enter his number into my phone before leaving but he couldn't figure it out. So after exchanging numbers, we hugged goodbye and he said he'd call me.

A couple days later he called me and asked me out on a date. I was estatic. And as you all know the rest is history. Ever since then, we've always been having fun no matter what we're doing and keeping each other happy. It always amazes me how he can make me smile with just a simple look. Even on my worst days.  

Met: New Years Eve 2003

First Kiss: Sometime in Jan 2004

Started Dating: Jan 2004

Engaged: April 20, 2008

Wedding: June 23, 2012

He's so much more than I could have ever expected or asked for.