Oct 30, 2010

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Lakeside Room patio at the Westlake Village Inn



MARRIED part 2 photo 1


MARRIED part 2 photo 2

MARRIED part 2 photo 3

MARRIED part 2 photo 4

MARRIED part 2 photo 5

Keith nelson photography

MARRIED part 2 photo 6

MARRIED part 2 photo 7

MARRIED part 2 photo 8

MARRIED part 2 photo 9

MARRIED part 2 photo 10 MARRIED part 2 photo 11

MARRIED part 2 photo 12

MARRIED part 2 photo 13 MARRIED part 2 photo 14

MARRIED part 2 photo 15

MARRIED part 2 photo 16

MARRIED part 2 photo 17

MARRIED part 2 photo 18

MARRIED part 2 photo 19

MARRIED part 2 photo 20

MARRIED part 2 photo 21

MARRIED part 2 photo 22

MARRIED part 2 photo 23

MARRIED part 2 photo 24



Fairway Room at the Westlake Village Inn


Wedding Party’s entrance:  “Puttin’ On The Ritz” by Taco

Bride and Groom’s entrance:  “What is Life?” by George Harrison

First Dance:  “Somebody” by Depeche Mode

Father/Daughter:  “Save The Last Dance For Me” by Michael Buble, danced cha-cha

Mother/Son:  “Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris

MARRIED part 2 photo 25


MARRIED part 2 photo 26

MARRIED part 2 photo 27


MARRIED part 2 photo 28

MARRIED part 2 photo 29

MARRIED part 2 photo 30

MARRIED part 2 photo 31

MARRIED part 2 photo 32

MARRIED part 2 photo 33

MARRIED part 2 photo 34

MARRIED part 2 photo 35

MARRIED part 2 photo 36

MARRIED part 2 photo 37

MARRIED part 2 photo 38

MARRIED part 2 photo 39

MARRIED part 2 photo 40

MARRIED part 2 photo 41

MARRIED part 2 photo 42

MARRIED part 2 photo 43

MARRIED part 2 photo 44

MARRIED part 2 photo 45

MARRIED part 2 photo 46

MARRIED part 2 photo 47

MARRIED part 2 photo 48

MARRIED part 2 photo 49

MARRIED part 2 photo 50

MARRIED part 2 photo 51

MARRIED part 2 photo 52

MARRIED part 2 photo 53 MARRIED part 2 photo 54

MARRIED part 2 photo 55

MARRIED part 2 photo 56 MARRIED part 2 photo 57

MARRIED part 2 photo 58

MARRIED part 2 photo 59

MARRIED part 2 photo 60

MARRIED part 2 photo 61

MARRIED part 2 photo 62

MARRIED part 2 photo 63





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Hello friends!

I guess every P-dubber will come to a point where they'd have to make their bios private.  ;)  However, if you are an active member of PW, please feel free to add me and share your exciting plans for your wedding!  I would love to hear them!  I will also try to answer any questions that you may have especially for the brides-to-be out there.  =) 

Happy planning!

medium version

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Hair and make-up:  Mieko and Claudia from Kelly Zhang

Dress:  Billie by Sottero and Midgley

 Keith nelson photography 


My ring bearer getting ready



Keith nelson photography

Keith nelson photography Keith nelson photography

Groom’s gift – beat up hockey stick signed by his favorite hockey player from the Flyers, Claude Giroux

Meeting for the first time

Keith nelson photography




October 30, 2010

Tuscan Gardens at the Westlake Village Inn


Processional:  “You’re So Cool” by Hans Zimmer from the movie True Romance

Bride’s entrance:  “Bron Yr Aur” by Led Zeppelin

Recessional:  “I Will Follow” by U2



Programs and bubbles



















Unity Candle







♥ You may now kiss your bride... ♥



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Westlake Village Inn

We love everything about this place.  We fell in love with it from the first time we visited.  We would like to thank everyone who helped us from Carly to Brianna to Jeannie.  You ladies did a wonderful job!  The food was awesome - the sea bass with parmesan rissotto mmmmm.... DE-LI-CIOUS!  I can eat it everyday!  (Carmela)

Spex Mobile Entertainment

To Kuya Noel:  You did a GREAT job hosting our wedding!  We love the energy that you brought to our guests!  And we are thankful to have found you and grateful for your time!  We can't wait to see you at another event!  =)

Kelly Zhang

Thank you for accommodating me on such short notice and for meeting with me on a rainy Tuesday night. Mieko and Claudia both did a great job!

Prince Weddings

To Nathan Prince:  Thank you for sending Sergio and Michael to shoot our wedding!  Everything was a blur to us.  We can't wait watch everything that happened. =D

Keith Nelson Photography

To Keith and Anna:  Thank you for shooting our wedding!  We can't wait to see the pics!

Pastor Joel Enyart

Our pastor, and our teacher of love, hope and patience. =)  We would like to send our sincerest thanks to you and your family for taking the time meeting with us on Thursdays, and for sharing your experiences and everything that you've learned about loving someone.  We love talking to you about husband and wife stuffs, about relationships, and friendships.  We'll do it all over again if we have to =P  See you at church!  Go Rocky Peak!

Yummy Cupcakes

We love your cupcakes!  They are the best ones we've had!  We are thankful that we don't live right next to you! =P

Thank you for the yummy favors and for making it personal for us!  We love the customized labels!


Ocar Jewelry Design

Pebble's Bridal

Express Shoe Lab in Chatsworth

In Stitches - Renee

Michael's, Office Depot,, Joann's Fabric, Paper Source

Men's Wearhouse

Etsy sellers

Canvas on Demand



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Non-pro pics from friends and families.

Westlake Village Inn's hotel lobby and view of the property grounds.



MARRIED photo 1   MARRIED photo 2

MARRIED photo 3   MARRIED photo 4




Getting readyHair and makeup by Kelly Zhang's team - Mieko and Claudia.

MARRIED photo 2


MARRIED photo 3


Groom meeting with his guys at the hotel lobby.


Ceremony, Orange, Groom, Groomsmen 


Mother-in-law, G-mom, sister-in-law



My uncle, aunt, mom and dad.

MARRIED photo 4


My aunt with my flower girl and ring bearer (my sister's kids).

MARRIED photo 5

Brother-in-law aka best man and his pretty gf.



My flower girl and ring bearer getting ready. =D









Best man and MIL putting both rings in one box.



Pre-ceremony portraits.

MARRIED photo 6

MARRIED photo 7

MARRIED photo 8


The bride gets a ride to the ceremony.  They were trying to hide me at this time.  Hehehe.



MARRIED photo 9


Ceremony has started.

MARRIED photo 10

MARRIED photo 11



MARRIED photo 12

MARRIED photo 13


MARRIED photo 15



MARRIED photo 17

MARRIED photo 18



My groom reading his vows.



I did not plan on crying.  I don't like crying!  As soon as I thought I'm done with my vows, I started choking up!  Ahhh!!!  I couldn't help it!






Candle ceremony



MARRIED photo 25


You may now kiss the bride!





Presentation as husband and wife!

MARRIED photo 28



MARRIED photo 30



Recessional. Playing, I Will Follow by U2.





Family line ups

Groom's family

MARRIED photo 34



Bride's family.




A pic with my sister-in-law.



My brother-in-law with his little munchkins

MARRIED photo 39


Little Gavin looking at lolo (grampa).

MARRIED photo 40


My mom and Caleigh (FG).

MARRIED photo 41

MARRIED photo 42

MARRIED photo 43


My mom and dad's entrance!  LOL!  I love them!




Our entrance and first dance wearing our hockey jerseys.  =D  Go KINGS!  GO FLYERS!



MARRIED photo 46

MARRIED photo 47

MARRIED photo 48

MARRIED photo 49


During Trivia and Games.  If one of our guests gets the correct answer, the groom gets to kiss the bride! =D




A pic with the groom's brother and sister.  What can I say? I'm only 5 feet! =P




Table shots/couch shots.  Instead of taking pics on the table with our guests where you can see plates and glasses, we bought a sofa bed from Target.  I love it!

MARRIED photo 52

MARRIED photo 53

MARRIED photo 54

MARRIED photo 55

MARRIED photo 56

MARRIED photo 57

MARRIED photo 58


My in-laws.



My groom and his wedding ring




Watching a video




Our table and signing our marriage certificate. =D




Wedding favors.  We had the tin mints and jar favors - Pumpkin butter, Apple butter and Muscadine jelly.








Cupcake time!  Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate Salty Caramel, and Caramel Apple - thanks to Yummy Cupcakes!




Father and daughter dance.  I've decided to do something different for me and my dad.  We danced cha-cha!  The song that we played was Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble.  LOL!  We only practiced on Friday morning and I've completely forgotten the steps so a few minutes before we danced, I wrote the order of the routine and brought that little piece of paper with me!  LOL!  Who cares?  I'm the Bride!  And it's me and my dad dancing!  =)

MARRIED photo 67





Mother and son dance. 




Anniversary dance

MARRIED photo 71


Couple's dance

MARRIED photo 72


Other pics with friends.











MARRIED photo 79

MARRIED photo 80



MARRIED photo 82



My cousin with my niece.

MARRIED photo 83



I love Noel from Spex Mobile Entertainment!



Last pic of me wearing my dress, ready to snooze!

MARRIED photo 85


This is my mother-in-law's prayer calendar, and this was the prayer for the 30th!  It rained the whole night before our wedding day too!  Our wedding day was blessed!

MARRIED photo 86



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Inspiration:  Fall/rustic cupcake stand. 


Reality:  DIY cupcake stand by my awesome husband.  We had a hard time looking for just the right fall/rustic cupcake stand that will not look have a triangle or Christmas tree shape. 

So we've decided to make our own and this is the design we came up with.  I love it!  I didn't have to worry about getting all the cupcakes on differnt stands.

  • cupcake stand is 42 in. round. We put it on a 48 in round table.
  • has 3 tiers
  • tallest tier/platform is 12 inches high
  • garland and lights (orange and purple) around the whole stand and around the pillars
  • fits about 120 cupcakes including the spaces on the three wood slices
  • the stand is covered with fabric
  • the pillars are covered with burlap fabric and fall garland

medium version   FOR SALE photo 1

medium version

medium version

Reception, Purple, Orange, Cupcake, Cupcake stand  

Reception, Purple, Orange, Cupcake, Cupcake stand

Reception, Purple, Orange, Cupcake, Cupcake stand

Reception, Purple, Orange, Cupcake, Cupcake stand

Purple, Orange, Cupcake, Cupcake stand, Fall cupcake stand




$20 + $4 shipping, pay thru Paypal.  PM me if interested.

  • Wood slice, three bottles with flowers, new candles - everything you see except the picture frames. (Still have to replace the candles but I bought a whole pack and only used those two in the pics).

Reception, Fall, Rustic, Guestbook table  

Here's how it was at the cocktail hour.

Wish cards, Guest book table



$24 + $4 shipping, pay thru PayPal.  PM me if interested.

  • Mr & Mrs signs
  • 2 mini pumpkins
  • 2 branches taped together

 Reception, Orange, Fall, Sweetheart table

Reception, Orange, Fall, Sweetheart table


Reception, Orange, Fall, Sweetheart table 


Add $3.  Due to the shipping cost, the candles are to be included only on either the SWEETHEART TABLE listing or the GUESTBOOK TABLE listing.  Let me know if you are also interested.

  • Glitter candles for candle ceremony

FOR SALE photo 2   FOR SALE photo 3

FOR SALE photo 4  FOR SALE photo 5



I bought this bolero because I thought it was going to be cold on my wedding day (October 30th) but the weather was perfect and I never got to use it!  This would have been perfect for my dress.  Anyway, here's a picture of it from the Etsy seller. 

Bought at $74 and selling for $60 + $4 shipping (US only).  International brides PM me and I will check the shipping cost for your location.

medium version  medium version

medium version     medium version 

medium version

medium version

Basilica Bridal Bolero

Basilica Bridal Bolero

Basilica Bridal Bolero

Basilica Bridal Bolero