Oct 30, 2010

( 4.6 / 5.0 )
I did not have a makeup artist 2 weeks before my wedding day and Kelly saved me! I contacted her to see if she or any of her artists are available on my date, and she responded to me almost immediately. She had set me up with Mieko.

I had my trial on a rainy Tuesday night with Mieko - my Japanese/almost Filipino artist! =D She was very friendly and had a lot of funny stories to tell about her love for Filipino food and surprisingly, she even attempted to make pancit! She made me feel very comfy that night. I wasn't too crazy about the trial though so I sent some more makeup and hair inspirations to them for the changes I wanted on the hair, and to add some colors on the makeup. I thought she was able to execute them very well. My husband and I loved the colors that she used! My hair turned out really nice, and the height of the bun went well with my dress. =D She did a great job on my wedding day, and I loved it! I wish she was able to eat as much pancit as she wanted before she left! =D

I think the only thing that I didn't like was the touch-up kit provided, I thought did not have enough. I know I mentioned to them that one of my problems was my t-zone and finding out that there was not enough powder, I didn't even bother to retouch the makeup. I haven't received a lot of my pictures back from our photographer so I'm not sure if my face even got shiny. I guess for now I can say that the makeup held up well. =) I also did not have the lip gloss so my lips got so dry by the end of the night. But I have already addressed this to Kelly and she made sure that they will provide the right amount of products according to the client's needs.

The other artist was Claudia. She got there I think 30 mins earlier than the call time which I thought was awesome. =) She did a great job on both moms! I especially love what she did with my mother-in-law's hair. My MIL was worried about what to do with her hair because it was thinning and she didn't know how to cover it up. Claudia did a nice bun and some loose curls on the side just like what my MIL requested - she was very happy! My mom and I loved the makeup she did on hers too - covered her freckles and took care of the t-zone. My only problem was that, my flower girl did not get her hair done and did not have any kind of makeup. I got so busy getting ready that I wasn't able to check up on hers. She came out of the room with just the hair flower that my mom bought for her. I thought anybody could've clipped that on to her hair. I was really bummed out about it. I've addressed this issue to Kelly as well and she was very courteous in handling the matter, and refunded a check for my flower girl's contract.

Overall, they all did an awesome job! Kelly, Mieko and Claudia, again, thank you so much!!! Hoping to work with you again! =)
Services used: Beauty & Health

Little White Book Stylists - Airbrush Makeup & Hair Studio
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Pebbles Bridal
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I don't really care for Pebble's. I only really went there because they have my dress. I bought my dress as a sample dress and the Korean girl who's been "helping" me I thought screwed me with the price. She gave me the dress at a "discounted price" and told me that she can't go any lower, and told me that there were a lot of girls inquiring about the dress. BS. I've been on PW for a long time and I've only seen one girl - ONE who has the same dress, and I saw her just a few weeks ago. The Billie dress by Sottero and Midgley I thought wouldn't be as popular since everyone else like a strapless dress. So please tell me how many girls have inquired about this dress and actually bought it.

Pebble's gave it to me as the "I'm screwing you" price. I guess everything about weddings will be like that - everything and everyone will charge you 10 times the normal price of anything. I mean, she didn't charge me that way but she could've at least gave it to me for the right price for what I was getting. I could've gotten it for the same price for my size and as new.

I think this was the only major mistake I did for my wedding. I ran out of time with getting my dress so I didn't have any other choice but to get it from them. I would never go back to Pebble's for anything and would NOT recommend them to anyone.
Services used: Dress & Attire

Spex Mobile Entertainment
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I can't even begin to tell you how lucky and grateful my husband and I are for finding you, Noel! From our first meeting to the wedding day, we just love everything that you did. And how responsive you were to our needs.

We found Spex Mobile a month before my wedding day. We didn't plan on having a DJ/MC because we all know how it adds up to the cost of the wedding and because my husband always get the impression that DJs are like car salesmen. LOL! Well, we were wrong. Noel warmly welcomed us to his home/office, and made us very comfy. He told us stories from his past events that proved what kind of services he offers. He went above and beyond our expectations - he is a great host. He did not just introduced the wedding party and us but he hosted the entire night. He was awesome! And I can't thank him enough for the energy he brought to our guests. I wouldn't know how we would've entertained our guests without him! And I'm wishing him all the blessings and luck in everything! We love you, Noel! We can't wait to see at another event!

To my Los Angeles and Filipino brides: hire Noel! Hire Spex Mobile Entertainment!
Services used: Ceremony Music, DJ

Yummy Cupcakes
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
My husband and I LOVE Yummy Cupcakes! Their icing is not too sweet - it's just right for the sweetness of the cupcakes they make. The variety of flavors is unbelievable. The vegan cupcakes, wow! Delicious! We had Vegan Peanut Butter cupcakes for our vegan guests, and they loooved them! They were so happy that we served them great food and great dessert! It's all worth the drive and the cost going there for the last three weeks trying out all the flavors they have. We went with Caramel Apple (Fall flavor), Chocolate Salty Caramel (because everyone loves chocolate), and Banana Cream Pie (because we love bananas!). The staff are very friendly and very helpful as well! So great job, Yummy Cupcakes!
Services used: Wedding Cake