Feb 13, 2011

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The Dress photo 1

The Dress photo 2

The Dress photo 3

I found a dress online that I thought I might like but none of my local shops had a sample so my mother and I decided to go try on similar styles. We went to a little shop about an hour north and I told the girl working about the dress I’d seen (mermaid, vintage, bubble hem) and she pulled some for me to try. The first one I tried I loved a lot. We went through probably 6-7 gowns then the girl asked me to try on her favorite gown because the sample size from that company fits me perfectly and she wanted to see it on someone. Guess what? It’s my dress!!! I would never have picked this dress from the internet but I saw it on the hanger and thought “well that’s pretty- very princess”. I put it on and WOW! I didn’t want to take it off. Mom brought over a veil and it matched perfectly! We bought them on the spot. Even better- the store was liquidating samples and all accessories for 50% off (through this weekend only) SCORE!!!

It's by Casablanca. It also has a french bustle.

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We are getting married at the Thomas Center in Gainesville, FL. The ceremony will be held in the Turtle Court.

The Venue photo 1

We are planning on doing the seating in the round like this...

The Venue photo 2


The reception will be held in the Spanish Court.

The Venue photo 3

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I'm having two dresses. The ceremony dress is still undecided but the reception dress is in... and it's pink!!! We are getting married Valentine's weekend (which is also our 9th anniversary and a year to the day of the proposal). The pink dress is from the Jim Hjelm Occasions line. I ordered it from Solutions Bridal in Gainesville- the place to shop in North Florida or South Georgia if you're looking for some higher-end gorgeous dresses and exceptional service.

Here are the vendor pics:

Reception Dress photo 1

Reception Dress photo 2

And here's it is pre-alterations. Disregard the wrinkles- I was too excited to wait for it to be steamed.

Reception Dress photo 3

Reception Dress photo 4

It needs to be taken in a bit and I'm going to have a mermaid crinoline. LOVE!!!! <3