Jul 09, 2011

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Picked out my shoes!  I'm so excited :)  They're the Badgley Mischka Elia in Black/Gold.

Zappos was all out of size 8s - they only had 6s or 8.5s!  So, I bit the bullet and ordered a half-size up.  Alas, they came in and I was swimming in them.  I immediately contacted Zappos to do the return - and I found out that they just got an extra 7.5 in stock!  Since the 8.5s were so big, I decided that the 7.5 was probably meant to be.  I'm so excited....absolutely LOVE them!

My Shoes photo 1 

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This is the color palette I'm thinking for my wedding:

Color Palette photo 1    Color Palette photo 2   Color Palette photo 3

Eggplant                        Ivory                            Black

I kept playing around with doing a deep wine red or spring green in addition to (or maybe instead of some of) those colors, but I had trouble integrating those accents when I thought about all the different aspects of my wedding.

With the big day exactly one year away from today (ee!), it's possible that I might change my mind over time.  But right now these are definitely the forerunners.  I think they're really lovely, and if I can make it work around this relatively muted palette for a summer wedding, I think I'll probably stick with these.

Our reception venue does have pre-set table settings that we might have to go for though, and that might change things :(

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First of all - I just wanted to let you ladies know that I saved a LOT of pics over the past few months for inspiration, before I joined PW.  So please let me know if you or somebody you know needs credit for a pic, because I just can't remember where I pulled all the images from :P

Anyway, having said that, this is what I'm thinking in terms of hair:

Hair Ideas photo 1 Hair Ideas photo 2

Probably leaning towards the style on the right, just because I think sleek would work better with my overall look.  But ultimately I want to to be simple, pulled back into a neat bun.

I'm going to wear an ivory finger length veil with gold edging and rhinestones.  I'm planning to place it just at the crown of my head for the ceremony (I tried putting it just above the bun, which is more modern, but just felt like it didn't work for me...we'll see, maybe I'll change my mind).

Then, for the reception, I'm planning on taking off the veil and putting two flower clips in (one ivory, one black).  This is kind of what I'm going for, but with the different colored flowers instead:

Hair Ideas photo 3

I'm still pretty nervous about finding a place in Germany where I can get my hair done.  The BM's girlfriend is a hair stylist, so I might be able to work with her.  I wish I were arriving more than a few days before so I had time to research and figure out options :P  One of the cons of a destination wedding!  But I'm sure it will all work out :)

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Hello PWers!  I'm excited to be here!  I've got more pages in my bio, but just because you never know who's out there, I'd prefer to set some of them to "friends only".  But please feel free to friend me, because I love to share!!