May 01, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Finding an officiant for your wedding can be a very difficult task. That person has to be a reflection of who you are and conduct the ceremony in the spirit of how you as a couple envisioned it.

When we faced that decision for our wedding back in May, we really went the extra mile to find someone special. Our search brought us to Deidra, and boy, was it the right decision. We found someone who truly could bring our ceremony "vision" to life, tailored exactly to the way we wanted it.

From the very first meeting, Deidra listened carefully to our needs for the ceremony and walked us through every step of the process. We covered everything with her. She asked many questions about us as a couple and began crafting a ceremony that would be unique and special for us. She also navigated us through the complicated wedding license steps with ease.

Fast-forward to our wedding day: Deidra was there at the venue early on to make sure everything was in order. Her calm and poise set the stage for our ceremony.

The ceremony itself was so beautiful and special. The personal feel of every word she spoke and warmth she projected touched everyone. Many of our guests said that while they had been to many good parties at a wedding, ours was the best ceremony that they had ever been to.

Deidra can bring so much to your wedding: Poise, charm, humor, elegance, and thoughtfulness. We encourage you all to talk with her and give her our highest recommendation.
Services used: Officiant