May 21, 2011

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My unique and beautiful invites photo 1

My unique and beautiful invites photo 2

My unique and beautiful invites photo 3

My unique and beautiful invites photo 4

My unique and beautiful invites photo 5

My unique and beautiful invites photo 6

My unique and beautiful invites photo 7





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I added flowers to her dress!

My mother s tea ceremony dress photo 1

My mother s tea ceremony dress photo 2

My mother s tea ceremony dress photo 3

My mother s tea ceremony dress photo 4

My mother s tea ceremony dress photo 5

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My 1st hair trial photo 1

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Check out my wedding website!


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Check out my wedding website!!!!!


My fiance and I take pictures every year because we like to see how we've grown together over the years, so here are some taken by my friend (an aspiring photographer) from 2009:

Almost at the end of the photoshoot, my fiance surprised me a ring in front of my friends and family at a nearby restaurant at the beach!


Pink, gold, and white


Our Signature Logo

Instead of a traditional monogram, we created a logo with our actual signatures!  Isn't that neat?!  It will be on our website, invitations, inside our ballroom, etc.

Engagement Photos

These were taken from the San Diego fair!

new page photo 1 new page photo 2

new page photo 3  new page photo 5 new page photo 6 new page photo 8 new page photo 9 new page photo 10 new page photo 11 new page photo 12 new page photo 13 new page photo 14 new page photo 15 new page photo 16 new page photo 17 new page photo 18 new page photo 19 new page photo 20 new page photo 21 new page photo 22new page photo 23


My Ring!

I present to beautiful and custom ring!!! My fiance did good! He knew I love hearts and gold!

Save the Date

We made a postcard, and this is the front cover:

On the back, we took a quote from Dr. Seuss that said:





Our invitations have to be both in Vietnamese and English. We didn't like how some people traditionally put English on one side of the page and Vietnamese on the other side because to me, that seems a bit impersonal and a wasted side of a page for those who don't know how to read Vietnamese or English.

So I came up of a clever way to display the two languages: the invitation will be printed double-sided and depending on your first language, it will be stuffed in a vertical envelope with their first language facing up!  Here was my inspiration:


Wedding Party Retreat

My fiance and I wanted to do something fun and different for our wedding party.  Since we got engaged, we've been secretive of who was going to be in our wedding party because for 6 months, we were planning a surprise weekend retreat at an estate in the Temecula wine country for our chosen bridesmaids and groomsmen.  We sent an evite out to our wedding party and their significant others and we noted that there was going to be an important announcement.  For months, everyone had been trying to figure out what the announcement was about.  Some even thought we were pregnant!  

new page photo 24

I made candy bouquets for my
bridesmaids the week of the Retreat

Anyways, when the weekend came, we started off dining at one of the wineries and then pre-partied back at the house on Friday.  Let me tell you, I love the house that we stayed at!  We chose a huge house that had practically everything - swimming pool, billiard, board games, etc; this was our requirement because we wanted to purposely stay in on Saturday so everyone could get to know everyone on a personal level.  We started Saturday off with lunch filled with our favorite foods.  I wrote a little description about each of the food we made, like the sliders were my fiance's signature burgers and the Krober Riesling 2007 wine from Germany was my choice of wine.  

After lunch, my fiance and I came up with a game called "Autograph Bingo".  During the six months of planning, we were gathering interesting, funny, fun, and random facts about each person.  The object of the game was to grab everyone's autograph but they could only ask one question to the other person and the other person could only answer "yes" or "no" instead of just asking them for the answer.  We had facts that would throw them off like "I donated my hair to cancer" and "I won a lap dance contest in Cancun" and those facts belonged to my fiances groomsmen!  The game turned out to be a really big hit and led to many followup conversations!

Finally, we announced to our friends that they were in our wedding party and everyone was fine and dandy.  For dinner, we had an Italian theme (which is also where we are going for our honeymoon) and I told them that we were making dinner together with pizza as our main course!  It was soooooooo fun watching everyone make their own pizza!  We also had garlic bread, Italian soup, and plenty of wine to go with it!

This weekend was definitely an unforgettable weekend.  My fiance and I felt like this was a big accomplishment for us because they all became really close friends.  In fact, when the weekend was over, everyone befriended each other on Facebook and continued talking!  How awesome is that?!

Here are some pictures of the weekend:

new page photo 25 new page photo 26
Me and my bridesmaid (missing my sister who left early) My fiance and his groomsmen (missing his brother who also left early)



new page photo 27 new page photo 28 new page photo 29 

Other hair inspiration I might be interested in:



My bouquet

I imagine my bouquet to be wrapped in white lace with pearls and gold chains hanging out:

and in these colors...

new page photo 30

 Bridesmaid bouquet

Reception flowers

This is for my pews....


When I started dress shopping, I had a different vision of the dress than from what I actually bought.  I envisioned my dress to be more mermaid, lacy, and more overlays like Cinderella.  I probably visited 8-10 stores from San Diego to Orange County and tried on 10+ different dresses at each store.  I was getting discouraged that I couldn't find one by now and I thought I had to wait another season for the new dresses to come out.  There was one store left that I needed to go to in San Diego and this was also the store where I finally found my dress!

My first impression of the dress was pure speechlessness.  I didn't cry, I had no expression, I just didn't say anything at all.  I didn't even know whether I liked it or not.  I sat on my decision for another 2-3 weeks.  There was another dress that I had in mind and I was almost in the process of purchasing that dress.  However, one morning, I was looking through videos of other dresses I tried on and when I got to looking at this dress, I got speechless again.  This time though, I knew I was speechless because the dress had taken my breath away.   I knew at that moment that it was the one.  My expression turned to bliss on my second visit and then I got teary on my first fitting.  :)

Introducing my Lazaro dress in style LZ3855.....


new page photo 31 new page photo 32
(on the model) (ME!!!)

I am making additional changes to the dress, such as making the neckline into a deeper sweetheart instead of a slight sweetheart and I also purchased matching beadings to have them go off my shoulders.  I don't know exactly how that part can be done, but I will finalize the details with the seamstress once I go back and get fitted.

I got a beautiful matching cathedral veil that is also from Lazaro!!!  My friends are in love with it because they say it completes the dress!  I'll post more pictures soon!


Traditional Vietnamese dress

My bridesmaids and I will be wearing traditional Vietnamese dresses in the tea ceremony.  Here is my inspiration picture:

At first, I wanted my dress to look like the bride's (she's in the middle) in this picture.  She had a matching jacket to go over her traditional dress, but I decided to match my dress closer to my bridesmaids dresses.  The only difference between mine and theirs is I will be wearing hotter pink compared to their pale pink dress and my fabric will include fancy beadings on the fabric, kind of like this picture (plus my hair will look like this too)


Bridesmaid dress

We are getting their dress custom made in this similar style:



Here are the changes that I will be making to their dresses:


  • They will be in a gold color instead of ivory as shown in the picture
  • The shoulders and back are made of lace and everything else is silk charumeuse
  • The back will be lowered even more, up to their waist
  • The Maid of Honor will have beadings and fancier lace



Our groomsmen will be wearing pink and gray tux in the morning (see below) and gold and gray tux in the evening (not pictured):

Our guys will be wearing this identical tux from Friars Tux!

Flower girl dress


Her accessories:



Ring Boy

I love his pillow!

Our Best Man will be carrying our real rings inside a mini ring bag!



Love my Christian Louboutin Fetilo Lace peeptoe shoes!

Since I am expecting to run around from point A to B, I know for sure I won't be able to run with my 5 1/2" heels all day!  So I am also thinking of getting sandals!  What do you think?

Update: Not getting these anymore....they didn't look right on my feet...

12/23/2010 - 

I think I found the perfect traveling shoes!


Engagement Ring

Wedding Ring

I really love this Tiffany Novo ring in rose gold!


Rehearsal dinner

I want to make luminary lights that say our names on the tables, like this picture:




Flowers on my pews:



This is the overall look that I want to achieve:

new page photo 33

Our layout will look like this, with our head table facing the white dance floor and stage:

new page photo 34

We will also put candles on stage:

Head table linen:


I will have high and low centerpieces with crystals and pearls hanging out:


I'm adding feathers to the side like this:

I was thinking of doing this for my parents table....

Gift box

My inspiration...

Place cards

new page photo 35

I'm adding wax seal in 3 different colors to indicate the food choices:


This swan will be placed on my placecard table:

new page photo 36

Table Number


I got a ostrich feather pen for my guestbook!  I am very pleased with this purchase on ebay!



My cake will be on stage and on this linen but in white color:


I'm making flags to display the flavors...


Fiance's gifts

Bridesmaid gifts

Personalized hangers!


I wasn't planning on ever creating custom postage stamps, but thanks to PW, I got them at a great price!

I want to add more sparkles to my toes!