Jul 10, 2011

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   I don't know why this is going sideways and I can't get it to change.  Anyways thanks to ajfisher for posting something like this and then I created this one.  These will go in the OOT bags.


do not disturb sign for OOT bags photo 1do not disturb sign for OOT bags photo 1

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  Here is a candy bar wrapper

 that I am working on for a bride.  Her colors are purple and silver.


Isn't this cute.  A Coton Candy tree.

My brother wants to do a candy buffet.  Here is the sign and labels I've created for him.

candy buffet photo 1candy buffet photo 2

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working on favor boxes now.  I have to fix the last one yet as the print didn't go all the way over but you get the idea.

  Favor Boxes photo 1Favor Boxes photo 2

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working on monograms right now





monograms photo 1monograms photo 2

monograms photo 3  monograms photo 4monograms photo 5monograms photo 2

monograms photo 2



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  Here is the bracelet that I made for my sister in law to be.  I don't know why it looks so different in the pictures but it is the same braclet.  (The second picture looks so much more silvery--must be the black in the first picture)   LOL

diy bracelet photo 1

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Round 2 of designs as they didn't want all the swirls below so now not sure if we like pink invite or white and black or cream pocketfold.


working on invites for my brother's wedding.  Here are some designs they rejected.  Sad face. LOL

invitations photo 1invitations photo 2invitations photo 3invitations photo 4