Nov 05, 2011

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So I think I need to write a list of all of the DIYs that I'm trying to accomplish for this wedding. My hope is to keep an accurate count of what I spend on everything. I'm also going low tech on alot of things and rockin' a paint and word program! lol..

  • STD cards-started on 2/5/2011    Finished 2/19/11
  • candy buffet signs
  • invites
  • BM gifts
  • flower girl dress
  • ring pillow
  • Dia de los Muertos table setup
  • rememberance frames
  • crystal shoes
  • linens (yeah that's right, I'm making our napkins)
  • all paper products
  • music list (we can't have a dj or a band at the venue)
  • bouts for the guys
  • marigold flowers for the dia table
  • table runners
  • bows for the chairs
  • cake topper
  • centerpieces for the tables
  • favors
  • favor cards
  • bridal party gifts
  • monogrammed socks for the guys
  • monogrammed ties for the guys
  • cufflinks (yeah I'm making these too!)
  • cupcake boxes (am I retarded?-why yes, yes I am!)
  • monogrammed stickers
  • programs
  • coloring books for the kids
  • kids table gifts
  • kids candy centerpiece
  • candy buffet bags
  • sparkler tassles
  • card box
  • And whatever else I can add to this list before the wedding actually gets here!! :)

Over achiever? Why yes, yes I am!!

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Woohoo!! Today at 4:11pm I saw this post and realized I was on it too!! WooHOO!!!

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Hi ladies!!!!

Well it's 7:04am and I'm enjoying a little Spongebob time with Aiden. I'm soo happy to be back! So this is the drama that has been the reason for my total absence. It's a bit long but it's what I've been going through and why I was almost done with the whole thing!

September went like this: Sick grandparents, constant traveling, and dealing with having to move back in with Kevin's parents because our house we were buying had black mold in it and was in the process of literally killing Kevin and Aiden. We were in and out of the hospital, and almost planning a funeral before we realized what was going on and had to move. DRAMA!! Luckily, Kevin and Aiden are both totally healthy now and driving me more crazier then ever!

November & December went like this: Well there are the holidays that have to be dealt with, which is one of the main reasons that I had to slack off of wedding planning. I lost my job because there wasn't any money in the budget to pay for the 2 new teachers that were hired. (I was one of those teachers) This totally borke my heart and I still haven't found a job yet! Ughh...this put a huge stop on the wedding spending! I wasn't really happy. But you have to make sacrifices. Something else happened. On top of the stress that we as a couple have created for ourselves by moving in with Kevin's parents, me and him had a major issue. I found out some things that he was doing that have been done before and I nearly called off everything. Actually I did. I told him with my income taxes I was going to take Aiden to California to go see my brother, my return date was left blank because I was actually just done with the whole thing.

This being said, I need to mention that Kevin is literally the only person in my life that I've ever forgiven. I grew up in a really crazy drama filled home and it made me very jaded. As cheesy as it sounds, Kevin actually taught me how to love.

With the holidays, came forgiveness. It's not completely there but it's coming little by little. I want to state though that Kevin didn't cheat on me. The offense was merely along those lines via texting technology. Anyone have those issues?

So that was the end of my year. September through December was a total bust! I'm honestly sooo glad it's all over! I'm starting January with a new outlook on life! I'm going to love life and love Kevin and love Aiden with all my heart and soul!

And this is January! So this is where I'm at right now! I completely scratched the whole wedding planning. Every detail that I thought I wanted I threw away! I'm starting completely over with all new EVERYTHING! Now my only problem is that I have to convince myself that I can plan a brand new, amazing, over the top wedding in 11 months! AGHHHHH!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LET THE CHAOS BEGIN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Ok, so for 1st time in almost a month I can finally breathe a sign of relief and finally get some me time! How horrible is that? I've had sick grandparents, trips to the places such as: B.F.E. Arkansas, and Middle of Nowhere Louisiana. It's been very hectic. I've actually dreaded the weekends! They have been totally belonging to one group of people or another and never to me ans Fi and son. It's been a wreck! So as I sit here on this Friday morning and give thanks to God for it both being a pay day, a Friday, and a weekend where everything we have to do is totally local, I have finally decided that enough is enough and I am getting serious about losing weight! I'm sick of thinking "Why don't my jeans fit anymore!" and wanting to cry to myself everytime my son thinks it's cute to lift my shirt and watch my "jiggle", well, jiggle! LOL..So here is to a great Friday, hope it goes by fast so I can enjoy a great weekend! XOXO

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So I've decided to DIY as many projects as I can. I'm really big into the small details of a wedding and want to really wow people with the DIYs. This is my 1st one and I'm pretty happy about how it came out!

My DIY s photo 1This is going to be for the BM's. I'm going to fill it with "day of" items like a shot glass and a mini bottle of Grey Goose..Fun stuff that I know my girls will love!

My DIY s photo 2This is my FSIL holding up the finished product.


  • The actual price of 1 bag was estimated at around $2.
  • We hand painted the bag and then simply glued on the black ribbon trim.
  • We used damask material and wrapped it around the original handles of the bag.


  • Bag in the "Summer Crafts" section at Michael's- $1.00 each
  • A vinyl doily. We actually had one that was my FI grandmother's we found in a random drawer-free
  • Black Acrylic Craft Paint at Michael's for .46 cents. We barely used a quarter sized amount.
  • Ribbon for trim I had. It actually had a damask print on the other side but I didn't like how it looked. The whole spool was 50% off at Michael's and cost me $1.28 after tax. I used less then a yard of it.
  • Damask material was also 50% off and I got 2 yards for $1.46, I cut 2 lengths of it each about 1 1/2'' wide.
  • All purpose craft glue I had from a previous craft-free
  • Paint brush I had and the letter I actually did with a liquid eyeliner brush that I rinsed off-free! :)

The whole thing took about 45mins to create because I was taking my time with the handles but as you can see, I think it was worth it! Trust me, MANY MORE DIY's TO COME!!


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Ok..Most of these aren't in the colors I'm doing our wedding in, but you can at least get an idea of what I'm doing. :)

I'm looking everywhere for a site like this!This is like the ceremony site I want.

 A Little Inspiration photo 1A Little Inspiration photo 2This would be the actual site if we can't find something with the tree. It's a Botanical Garden Park. We would do the ceremony outside, and have the arch something like that. Luckily my grandmother was a florist for almost 30 years and has tons of stuff in her barn, including a chandalier! :)

A Little Inspiration photo 3This would actually go inside..We're doing Ivory and Black, with different damask patterns and bits of dark pink (kinda fuschia but not really?)

Well i've got to get the rest of my pics together..hope you like these so far. :)