May 31, 2008

Jaclyn's Bridal
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I went to Jaclyns Bridal in Orange County, CA to have my wedding gown altered & pressed. This simple request turned into a wedding nightmare. Please read and learn from my mistakes. Jaclyn's Bridal promised to have my wedding gown alterations and pressing done one week before my wedding. Apparently their sewing machine broke, so they didn't have the gown ready until 2 days before the wedding! They didn't even offer to deliver it to me. I should have demanded delivery. Once we finally had the gown we were horrified to find it was terribly wrinkled, and some repairs hadn't been made that I had specifically asked for! I was very upset because I trusted them, and I couldn't believe my gown was in such horrible shape with less than 2 days until the wedding. I felt hopeless because there was no time to make Jaclyn's Bridal fix their mistakes. My friend had picked up the gown and drove 60 miles to bring it to me at the wedding location. There was no time to take it back when the rehearsal and festivities were to begin the next morning! As we looked at the horrible condition of my gown, my family noticed I was becoming extremely upset and told me to go home while they took care of everything. After I left, the situation got much worse, but I didn't know until recently because they didn't want to upset me even more before the wedding. Not only was the gown wrinkled with neglected repairs, but my veil was all tangled in the beading of the gown! There's so much more The most baffling part is that they permanently sewed the bustles through all layers of the gown! How could a professional bridal shop try to get away with sewing permanent bustles!? The whole point of the bustles is so the bride can walk down the isle with the train flat behind her, and tie up the bustle for the reception. Because of Jaclyns Bridal, I almost had to walk down the aisle wearing my $3,000 gown in the bustled position! I still can't believe they got away with this negligence! My Mom ended up carefully removing Jaclyn's Bridal's permanent bustles (which were also crooked!) and sewed new tie-up bustles. Thanks to my Moms work, I was able to walk down the aisle with my train behind me. At one of my earlier fittings, I noticed the hemline had some large kinks in it, and I requested they be fixed. They never fixed it! So my family tried to flatten the kinks with steam and then with an iron. It turned out that the cause of the kinks was sloppy stitching. So my Mom also re-stitched the hemline. In doing so, she found that the bottom of the gown was dirty! What did Jaclyn's Bridal do to my gown to make it so dirty?! Did someone wear it?! The worst part is that my friends and family spent many late hours working on the gown on the two nights before the wedding. I had organized everything so they wouldn't have to do any work and could just relax and enjoy the pre-wedding events. Instead they were overworked and overstressed, and it's all Jaclyn's Bridal's fault. Nothing can give back what my family lost because of Jaclyns Bridals mistakes. When I requested a full refund of $550, they refused. By sharing my story, I hope to prevent other brides from getting into a similar mess by hiring Jaclyn's Bridal.
Services used: Dress & Attire