Jun 28, 2009

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Hai and I began trying to conceive the day after the wedding.  5 months later, on a Sunday night, in my blue, fuzzy robe and pink slippers, I took a test.  We couldn't believe that we saw two lines so at 10:30 p.m. I drove to Walgreens to get a digital test.  We both stood there with goofy grins in a fog of excitement as it read pregnant. 

When I met Hai, I told him that I have three goals in life: 1.  to be a good wife, 2. to be a good mother and 3. to be a good teacher.  He has made every dream come true.  I am blessed by his companionship and partnership and I know that he will be an amazing father. 

We told our parents at Thanksgiving.  I made place cards with everyone's name on them for the table.  My mother's said. "Grandma" with a 5 next to it as this will be her 5th grandchild.  My sister's said, "Aunt Nana" as Nana is what I called her when we were little.  Hai's parents had grandma and grandpa written in Vietnamese.  It took them several minutes to understand what was going on. But when they did, I've never been hugged tighter or kissed so much. 

Here's our journey so far:

12/8   I'm 10 weeks - waiting for the nausea to go away!

Project Baby photo 1 first baby bump pic at 10.5 weeks

12/28 Week 13  We had our 2nd prenatal visit.  The midwife "thinks" there's only one baby. She couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler so she did an ultrasound. She kept going around and around my stomach saying, "I'm pretty sure that's the same baby." Our baby will either be a master ninja or a ballerina. It was kicking and punching all over the place. It was the most beautiful 6 month anniversary gift I could have ever gotten.

2/14 Week 20

Audrey Laine is one active little girl! The ultra sound tech caught her waving, sucking her thumb and flip flopping like its nobody's business.  It was such an amazing moment for DH and I. We could connect with our baby on a whole new level.  She's measuring just as she should and weights 9 oz.  And I must admit, she has the cutest profile ever.  But I'm a lil bias. 

Here she is.  Can't wait to meet her in July!

Project Baby photo 2

oh and here's me at 20 weeks:

Project Baby photo 3

26 weeks I think

Project Baby photo 4


Photoshoot with a friend at 31 weeks

Project Baby photo 5Project Baby photo 6Project Baby photo 7Project Baby photo 8Project Baby photo 9Project Baby photo 10Project Baby photo 11Project Baby photo 12Project Baby photo 13Project Baby photo 14


 Update: 41 weeks and counting

As some of you know, my lil girl's name is Audrey Laine.  Audrey is after my idol Audrey Hepburn.  Laine is my twin sister's middle name.  In true Audrey Hepburn style, my lil girl is fashionably late.  7 days and counting!  If she is still being stubborn on Wednesday, July 14th, I'll be induced.  Here's the last belly bump pic and her smiling face.

Project Baby photo 15Project Baby photo 16

After 24 hrs. of active labor and an emergeny c-section, Audrey arrived weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces and is 21 inches long.

Project Baby photo 17Project Baby photo 18Project Baby photo 19

Audrey 14.5 weeks

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This is just a start.  We took several hundred photos in Paris.

Honeymoon Paris photo 1Honeymoon Paris photo 2Honeymoon Paris photo 3Honeymoon Paris photo 4

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Westminster Abbey                            Big Ben                              

Honeymoon London photo 1Honeymoon London photo 2

The London Eye                                                The London Bridge                                 

Honeymoon London photo 3Honeymoon London photo 4

Red Phone Box                                         Ready for our "fancy dinner"

Honeymoon London photo 5Honeymoon London photo 6Honeymoon London photo 7

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I love my shutterfly site.  On the back of my programs I included the information for our guests to upload photos to a photosharing website.  I've had 8 guests upload pictures with several guests uploading more than 50 pictures each.  Our guests got some great shots of other guests enjoying the wedding as well as fun ones of the bridal party.  My family that couldn't attend love being able to see how the day went.  I'd highly recommend a site like this.  I plan to keep it to share photos of the honeymoon and hopefully a baby soon.


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All of the groomsmen and my brother in law (who helped with everything) got comic book hero t-shirts.  And this is  what they decided to do with them. 

My Hero photo 1My Hero photo 2My Hero photo 3

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One of my favorite photos is the group photo we took after the ceremony.  Our pastor announced for everyone to meet the newlyweds on the front lawn for a picture.  We didn't quite get everyone in it (grandma moves too slow) but its still a cool pic.

Group Photo photo 1Group Photo photo 2