Jun 26, 2010

Flowers by Stacey
( 0.4 / 5.0 )
I hired Stacey Martin to do my daughter's wedding flowers. After she collected the last amount of money, she started blowing me off, missing telephone conferences, site visits, wedding set up visit. She had every excuse in the book for missing appointments and not being available. On the day of the wedding, she arrived with half my flower order and it was all the wrong flowers. It was nothing close to what we had ordered. She told me one of the large urns that was to be used to create the arch had broken on the way over. However, the other urn and the branches that were to form the arch were no where to be seen. The centerpieces were not completed and she proceeded to finish them at the wedding site. We ordered all clear glass containers to be lined with floral leaves to hide the floral foam. You could see the foam through the glass and she used ugly heavy green floral tape which was also visible. When she ran out of the clear vases she substituted a mixture of other containers that didn't match anything. She also neglected to bring the large arrangements for the buffet, dessert table, bar etc. I paid her to do the change over after the ceremony to the reception and set up tables, etc. After botching the centerpieces, she simply left with her crew, did not apologize and did not say good-bye and left us to deal with setting up 10 tables. Needless to say this put the caterers behind and I had to pay them overtime to stay and complete the job. Stacey also goes by Symphony of Flowers as well as Flowers by Stacey Martin. Do not use her. Huge disaster!!
Services used: Flowers