Apr 21, 2012

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The Proposal photo 1 No ordinary couple could have an ordinary proposal. May of 2000 Nastasha decided to take a chance. She knew that Adam was the one she wanted to spend her life with and thought, "why does the Man have to be the one to profess his love and propose?". So she buys a diamond ring for Adam (because all proposals should start with a diamond). Of course the Diamond couldn't go in just any ol' ring box because Adam was not just any ol' Man. No. Nastasha put it into a custom Planter's Cheez Balls can (Adam's favorite snack at the time).

 The time had come to ask Adam the "Big Question". Nervous and unsure of how Adam will react to Nastasha's unorthodox Proposal; she mustered up some confidence to go for it. As her shaky hands slowly handed him the can of Cheez Balls and her soft quivering voice offered him the snack..............Adam sensed something was not quite right. His reaction to the snack offer.......hesitation! After much reassurance from Nastasha that nothing was wrong; he finally gave in and opened the can revealing the treasure inside.

 It is a blur about what words actually came out of Nastasha's mouth next, but the end result was a, "Hell YES!" from Adam and a great sigh of relief from Nastasha. Of course Adam being how he is, couldn't let it go down in history that he and Nastasha were now Engaged, but only he donned the ring. So on Mother's Day of 2000, he woke Nastasha up from a nap and presented her with a beautiful Diamond ring that she could wear just as proudly as he wore his.

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Adam and Nastasha met way back in the summer of 1999 in Schweinfurt, Germany. They were both highly respected Soldiers in the United States Army. Adam was the Company Armorer with the charge of weapons issuance and Nastasha was an Army Chef  with the charge of keeping the Soldiers nutritionally sound. As they geared up for a Deployment to Kosovo on a NATO Peacekeeping Operation; Adam's main focus was insuring everyone received their weapon. Everyone in the Company lined the halls leading into the Arms Room where Adam was working and awaiting their turn. They halls were thunderous with the chatter of multiple conversations taking place.

 Finally it was Nastasha's turn to enter the Arms Room and receive her assigned weapon from the Armorer. As her eyes  locked with Adam's; butterflies filled her stomach, the palms of her hands began to perspire, and an uncomfortable lump began to develop in her throat. Although in reality the room was taken over by the intense sound of chattering Soldiers; Nastasha's ears fell selectively deaf. Instead, all she heard was that annoying Teacher's voice from Charlie Brown episodes. You know the one, "Whunt whunt waaa waa waaa." It wasn't until that surreal moment that Nastasha had experienced the rare and somewhat fable, "Love At First Sight" (in case you are wondering, No; the same experience could not be said for Adam).

 As the days of the Deployment continuously mounted up, Adam and Nastasha became closer.  Meeting every evening at the Water Buffalo (that is a 400 gallon water trailer for those of you not familiar with Army terminology) to watch the sun set through the Tank guarded perimeter of our Camp. Even in a country filled with War, hate, and violence towards their own Citizens, Adam and Nastasha managed to find Love.