Jul 01, 2011

( 4.2 / 5.0 )
Although the yachts with this company are stunning I wasn't 100% sold on this venue because everything was all inclusive so we took some time to think about it before aking the commitment. We spoke with DeeDee our sales agent and we (DH, MOH, and I) were very detailed in asking if we had to use all of their inclusive vendors. Well our sales agent assured us any vendor could be swaped out. But Electra doesn't view catering as a vendor, and therefore we found out months later after making our frist two deposits, we could not use an outside vendor for catering. I was really rattled by this revelation and initially they offered me my money back if I wanted to cxl. But this was a little under two months before my holiday weekend wedding, so I declined. Their food was not bad it was just not what we planned on for our wedding. After all that was said and done the only other discreptancy was I remembered being told I would have access to several different linen colors, but not told I would have to pay more for colors other than black, white, or ivory. No biggie but it stressed me out a little thinking, what else will surprise me?! Well now to jump to the rehearsal. I met my DOC Karen, and she was fantabulous!!! She really helped ease my worries. And on wedding day she was a jewel, I had non-designated coordinators (family) and she handled it so well, I think! She helped the night flow so well and I hope we didn't drive her too crazy. BTW everyone raved about how great the food was :D (Although I wasn't 100% sold on it, but I am a extraordinarily picky eater). I recommend if you go to this venue see if you can request DeeDee as your sales agent, and Karen as your DOC if they will allow, because even after the bumps in the road I wouldn't have wanted anyone else in that office helping me with my most special day. P.S. DeeDee had to basically spank my hand, and walk me through the side entrance because I was late for my own wedding ): I <3 my venue! My family keeps saying they will all go to the court to get married, because no one will be able to top MY wedding!!! Thanks Electra XOXO
Services used: Wedding Planning, Wedding Venue

Minguita's Bridal
( 1.6 / 5.0 )
I HATE this bridal shop for making my wedding gown purchase the worst it could have possibly been!!! This shop is now known as Emilitas (They changed their name to try and avoid their past reviews, but they are still business as usual)!

Well at the start obviously they were pleasant to work with (aside from the fact I had to wait for the one employee that spoke english... umm ok). Their significantly lower price is what had me pretty excited (But it's not worth the heartache and stress). I did have to insist that they put an approx. ship date on my receipt because I just wanted an out in case anything went wrong, she was reluctant but went ahead and put one on there. This did work out in my favor because I ended up having to threaten to cxl. the deposit with my credit card company if they didn't keep their word (because by now I saw the reviews from other brides who never got their dress).

Well the "great" deal they offered me included a headpiece...I was excited about that because my Maggie was one of the few that could be ordered with the matching headpiece. I tried making that clear, but again everytime they told a LIE they tried to blame it on the language barrier... umm no way, and why is there not always someone here that speaks perfect english? When I went to pick up my headpiece they attempted to give me a generic tiara type headpiece, I was furious, again the lady that was there just passed the buck telling me I had to come back when someone that spoke english was there (several trips to this location 20 miles away in the worst Los Angeles traffic... no bueno). She told me to take the tiara and come back to excahnge it with the other lady. I called back the next day and spoke with the owner, Fausto who tried to claim that the Maggie Sottero original headpiece was not in the offer and that it would cost $50 through Maggie (I checked an online retailer that was selling it for only $20 but couldn't get it in time). I was done fighting with them I just wanted it to be right, so I agreed to the extra $50. A week later he called and said the headband was in. When I got there another lady told me I owed $50 plus I had to return the tiara... (It wasn't a huge deal because I didn't plan on wearing the tiara, but now it was like I wasn't getting my "free" headpiece that was offered.

Now I would like to talk about my fittings. All brides know how difficult it is to put on a wedding dress by yourself... well, that's exactly what they left me to do. I litterally had to leave the dressing room with my whole butt out to find someone to lace me up. Also the things I wanted them to fix on the dress they told me couldn't be fixed...!? Huh, I thought alterations were included and asking them to fix the boning that was poking out didn't seem like too much to ask. Oh and to repeat a complaint from another bride my bustle was HIDEOUS!!!

Finally for all Maggie brides, that look forward to getting their Certificate of Authenticity to frame it or whatever I decide... but after rushing out of there and pulling my dress out of the garment bag, there was no certificate. I am still trying to get someone to respond to me about that...

Bottom line stay away from Emilitas/Minguitas bridal downtown L.A.!!!
Services used: Dress & Attire