Jun 25, 2011

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It was on Memorial Day @ 10:30 pm. After we had a serious talk about him not proposing to me, he walked over to me and put the engagement on my left ring finger. He said nervously, "LaToya Shanik Webster, will you marry me?" I was so shocked that he did it, I didn't answer right away. He almost took back the ring! Lol! I said quickly, "Yes." I was so happy and shocked at the same time!!!

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Hello everyone! My name is LaToya Webster. I am from Tallahassee, Florida. I am finally getting married to my highschool sweetheart! I had to almost pull his teeth out in order for him to propose. I know it sounds kind of bad, but we have been dating for 10 years and it was time to either settle down or move on. We didn't want to do that, so he proposed! I was so shocked that he did it, I didn't respond right away! I said yes, and now I am in the middle of wedding planning! I am so glad that I found this website, because I have so many questions, issues and comments that I want to share with people who can relate to me. I only have one friend who is married, but I need some more different opinions about things. I look forward to hearing your comments and advice.