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  Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 1Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 2Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 3Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 4   Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 5Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 6Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 7Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 8Our GORGEOUS Baby photo 9

On February 14, 2009 my FI gave me the greatest V-Day gift of all.... our little Darla. She is a cock-a-poo, cocker spaniel mixed with poodle. She was born Oct. 22, 2008. I chose her name since I've always loved that little girl from "The Little Rascals". Darla is full of personality just like me. She is a spoiled little girl who knows she is the princess of the house. She is very jealous and protective of us but in a funny cute way not an attention whore. She likes to be pampered and spending time with her friends at the park. She LOVES to eat fruit and veggies and likes to lick ice. We all love her an adore her and spoil her rotten. When she see's other people or doggies she lays on her back so she can get her belly rubbed. She gets along with everyone and everything including cats. Our baby loves it when we blow dry her, brush her, and massage her after her showers. Darla is not dumn either, she knows when you are trying to trick her and puts her toys away in their basket once she is done playing with them. I am very thankful to my FI for bring this burts of love into our lives.

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I still dont know what wedding dress style will fit me best but I do know one thing... NO Strapless for me!! I feel akward in strapless and I know it makes my arms look bigger and I have broad shoulders so that is a NO NO!! I don't really like to look at dresses online since I have been disappointed before and it never is the right color or have the size you need. I like to consider myself a classic bride by going store to store and trying the dresses on until I find "the perfect one made for me". I have had the honor to have met the woman who I would love to make my dress. Kirstie Kelly has a special collection of dresses made for Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. I love the dresses from the smallest to biggest details. I have seen her collection in person and just fell in love with her work. She is the sweetest person and works with you to make your vision come to life. Here are a couple of her dresses I love and will probably try on. Kirstie mention to me that if I like a dress and don't want to share the same dress with thousands of others I can ask them to customize it a little and it will be my own dress. Her prices are fair and can get pricey too, but who doesnt have extravagent prices now and days? I was blessed enough to have my mom and dad pay for my dress so I don't have to add that to our list and I won't have a budget for it because like my dad says "as long as I am happy with the dress I don't have a reason to know the price on it". These are just some of the dresses I loved. I will have more as the time comes. Wish me luck!!

Say Yes to the Dress photo 1 Say Yes to the Dress photo 2 

 Say Yes to the Dress photo 3 Say Yes to the Dress photo 4

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  FairyTale Wedding photo 1FairyTale Wedding photo 2FairyTale Wedding photo 3FairyTale Wedding photo 4 FairyTale Wedding photo 5FairyTale Wedding photo 6FairyTale Wedding photo 7FairyTale Wedding photo 8 FairyTale Wedding photo 9 FairyTale Wedding photo 10FairyTale Wedding photo 11FairyTale Wedding photo 12FairyTale Wedding photo 13

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My FI and I will be having our wedding at "The Happiest Place on Earth" DISNEYLAND!! My FI has always known that having my wedding there has always been a dream of mine since I could remember. As I was looking at venues he asked me if I would like to celebrate our lives coming together as one in a place that always brings us good times and memories. I asked him where since we always enjoy each others company anywhere and everywhere and he replied by saying Disneyland. He is the greatest man and loves to see me happy. So we are going to have our wedding at Disneyland!! Dreams Do Come True!!

Our guest list is going to have to be of 100, because we will having our wedding inside Disney's California Adventure. We have seen many locations Disney provides for wedding receptions and we found the perfect one for us. The location within Disney's California that we have chosen is the Animation Studios. It is 100 minimum and 102 max. The area is AMAZING and will look gorgeous once set up. The main concern for us was the dance floor since our families love to dance. I want my guest to feel like they have enough room to move, dance, and just feel comfortable. We love this room and can't wait to see our wedding take life inside the park.

Also, during cocktail hour we will be having World of Color show for our guest and are thinking we will have Tower of Terror opened as well. This should just add to our already amazing wedding experience that our guest will have and just make our wedding night MAGICAL!!


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    ♥Love Story♥ photo 1♥Love Story♥ photo 2♥Love Story♥ photo 3♥Love Story♥ photo 4♥Love Story♥ photo 5♥Love Story♥ photo 6♥Love Story♥ photo 7♥Love Story♥ photo 8♥Love Story♥ photo 9

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        ♥Love Story♥ photo 13             ♥Love Story♥ photo 14              ♥Love Story♥ photo 15

Guillermo, Memo for short, and I have know each other for about 9 years. But we have only been together 3 years out of those 9. I met him through his little brother. Memo is 5 years older than me, his little brother being my age was my best friend all through out Jr. High. I am known everywhere as a "Social Butterfly". I tend to fly around and socialize with anyone, I love to get to meet and know other people. My mom has always told me I am like gravity or a tornado and I tend to pull everyone and everything around me. My FI's brother and I use to talk on the phone every night for hours. Sometimes, of course, he was not available and my FI would pick up. Me being the social butterfly that I am, started to talk and soon after we became friends. We started to talk more and more and I knew then and there that I had something special for him since the start. But he did not make it very easy. Memo and I have always butted heads!! He was stubborn but never as much as me. We kept in touch on and off since we were living different lives. He has always been the shy one who stayed home and relaxed while I have been going to clubs, parties, and having random nights with the best friends. Years came and went and we always stayed friends. Finally, after 6 years I told him that I was tired of beating around the bush and if there was going to be something between us than let it be but if he was not for it then to end our "friendship" and just move on. He realized that he needed to make a move and so he did by asking me out on a date. The first two dates happened the same week. The third happened a week later and that was when he finally reached for my hand while the movie was on. He was shaking and had soft sweaty hands. I could tell he was nervous. Then on the fourth date he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. He tells me that he had always had special feelings for me. He said the he has always loved the attention I had given him, I made him feel cared for and felt like he mattered to someone. My FI says that no matter how many years passed us by, he always imagened himself with me because since day one I held a special place in his heart. That was when I knew that if he felt the same way I did, we were both in love. My FI and I realize that we are very lucky to feel what we feel for each other and to know we are each others soul mates. He is my best friend and my better half and I know he feels the same way. We have been through happy and sad times. But always managed to support each other through it all. He helped me become a better person as I did the same for him. We both helped each other out of depression when we lost his sister to cancer/pneumonia. Everything has just made our bond and love stronger. On Wednesday January 6th, 2010, he surprised me by proposing to me while my family was having a gathering. Later shocked us all by saying he had everything ready for us to get married by court on that coming Friday. Of course I said YES and we had a cute small and simple wedding on January 8th 2010. Which to our surprise was Elvis Presley's B-Day. After the wedding we went to the "Happiest Place on Earth" Disneyland and celebrated with the family all weekend long. Now, we are planning the religious wedding since my religion is very important to me and I want to honor my parents by being right in the eyes of the lord. Our Love Story may not be romantic as others but I would not have it any other way. I could have wrote for days and with details about it all but I decided to tell the basic and keep the real romantic and juicy parts to ourselves. I hope our planning goes well and things go as best as they can because you know what they say "If you want to hear God laugh, Just tell him your plans". Thank you for taking your time to read our story and I wish you the best at your special day. Let the planning begin!!

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