Sep 25, 2012

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Or something, FI and I haven't really been able to agree with wedding colors.
I was hoping to have slight dark red, slightly dark green and some brown. He says that is to xmas like.
He said what about red and blue. Well that's all American flag for me.

So I think we've almost come to an agreement.

Slightly dark red, violet and white.
Of course he said it may or may not work and that he wants us to get a color wheel... Not sure where to get one.

So this would mean red for the bridesmaids, violet as the decorations like linen, flowers will be various shades of red(orchids), bouguets will be black/darkpurple Calla lillies.

Brownie pops in white/milk chocolate/dark chocolate.
I'm still leaning towards Bamboo for favors, but I might change my mind if I could think of something else.

I have yet to decide how I'm going to be doing my invitations, though I have several ideas, I'll be going with a easy DIY that wont break the bank.

So far though I've looked at how much roughly everything would cost and it would be roughly 6,000 which is cool cause our wedding is in 2013, we got plently of time to save.

The bridal salon near where I live has the dress I want, I thought the dress was going to cost 1500 but I asked and they said they're selling it for 950! How totally awesome is that?
I so cannot wait to save up the money for my gown so I can go try it and maybe buy it :)

Well that's it for now, time to do some more planning, going through a stressful time so all this planning keeps my mind off other things, yay!

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So we had an idea of having the wedding at the family winery back home. But doesn't look very possible.
It's going to be about 40-45 people. The yard isn't very even for seating during ceremony or reception and if we wanted the yard to be leveled it'd cost way to much.

So doing some venue hunting and saw 'The Ridge' the place is very charming I've heard great stuff about it. I think I might go with their catering or see if they'll let me bring my own caterer, if I could find one cheaper than theirs.

We've lowered our budget, we think we can pull off a decently done wedding with 8k to 10k with lots of DIY.

Dress I want is in Modesto, I haven't tried it on so I don't know if it's the one, I'm hoping Demetrios will answer my email on the dress prices. I don't want to try on a dress that's out of my budget, fall in love with it, not be able to afford it and have to get a dress that isn't as grand. So le sigh.
So in the meantime I will keep an eye out for what I think, lower, than the dress I want.

Photographer, I think I know a friend or two who could be my photographer, I'll probably ask them to do our engagement photos first then I can decide, of course I would pay them for their help, but be a lot easier on the budget than hiring a professional.
Videographer, I WANT my day captured on film, I want to be able to look back and watch whenever I want, to saw my kids and grandchildren. I don't know if any friends are great videographers, this might be something I would pay for.

The cake, well, I haven't thought much about it really. I'm not sure what's expensive cake wise and what isn't.
I'm thinking of watching some cake shows like cake boss and what not then doing some studying.
I do know I'm not a girl who likes my cake loaded with icing and sugar since I haven't sensetive taste buds.
Like when I eat cupcakes I take off like half the icing lol.
I can't wait to do cake testing though, sounds yummy.

For my jewerly, makeup and hair. I'm thinking of having family help out with hair and makeup.
For manis I think a year before my wedding I'll go cold turkey on chewing my nails, a nasty habit I know, but it's a big nervous habit of mine, other than that I think my mom can do my pedis and manis.
Great thing about all this dressing up is my mom used to work for a beauty company so she knows her stuff and taught my little sister, who I'm sure will be helping a lot. So this saves loads of money.
For my earrings I will be making them, since my ear's are gauged to half an inch I want to add danglings to them to add some sparkle.

Flowers. Well I know I won't be doing flower buying online, totally going to do it in person.
I've choosen my flowers as well. Red/dark red Calla, Different shades of red Orchids and some Red roses.
Orchids will be used for the decorations, the rest are bouquets. I don't know if I'm going to do corsages, maybe just two, one for my mom and mother-in-law.
There's still linen decoration and table centerpieces to do, I kinda have an idea of what I want though.

For favors I'm going for the Bamboo favors I found in PW, they're just to cute. I want to do some more favors but I haven't figured what.

Invitations, I'm going to try these DIY. But I'm going to have to see if it'd be cheaper making them myself or doing it a different way.

Man so much research to do!
Ugh, can't wait till I can get some help with my family.
Oh and I'm unsure whether to have the wedding in 2013 or 2012. Really it all depends how much we can put into savings.
So I'm thinking over time in 2011 to start working on some small DIY projects untill I know how much I'll have saved and then decide 2012 or 2013. I'll hopefully know by... July of next year.

Well that's all for now, I think it's maybe time for bed :)


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I'm 23, I got engaged April 3rd to my wonderful bf of 4 years going on 5. We have our son who will be our ring bearer, he is turning 4 soon.
Hoping to be married September 25th 2013, we still have some ways to go and lots of time to plan.