Apr 16, 2010

Natalie B. Artistry - Professional Makeup & Hair
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
I read reviews of Natalie and loved the sample photos she posted on this site. Some of the reviews mentioned concerns over her being late and though she was a few minutes late on the day of our first trial, she was early and ready and waiting before 8 am on the day of our wedding!

Natalie was willing to negotiate the prices for myself and my bridesmaids because we were on a tight budget. She did hair and makeup for myself, my 15 year old daughter, my mother, my sister, and 2 of my bridesmaids (6 people total). She came to our facility and stayed for about 4 to 5 hours getting all of the ladies done and doing touch ups. (We had photos taken at noon and the wedding wasn't until 5 pm).

Overall, I was very happy with Natalie's services. The trial was great (I brought my veil and clip in hair extensions) and she listened well to my thoughts, desires and concerns. There were a few things I decided to change after the trial and she was willing accommodate my requests and make her own suggestions.

She was very professional, had plenty of tools and makeup in her kit and made me look great as far as not feeling overly done up or cakey with the makeup. She was such a friendly and encouraging part of the day.

The only cons I had were truly not her fault. I felt my blush was a little too dark but she insisted you wanted it darker to show up in professional photos. Though it looked fine in most of the photos, there were a few where I felt like I had 'clown' cheeks but that is probably because we are most critical of ourselves and notice things other people don't. However, if I had it to do over again, I would have insisted on not as much blush.

Secondly, on the day of the wedding she mentioned that she was afraid that putting the extensions in my hair was going to pull the curls out of my natural hair. I was in such a 'zombie' mode that whole morning that I just agreed to do what she thought best. Looking back at the photos, I wish I would have stuck to our original plan to use the clip in extensions because I felt like my hair was just a little too thin and not full enough. However, it did hold up well for the entire day in almost all the photos and it did look pretty...just not exactly what I had wanted. But again, that's not her fault...I recommend having a bridesmaid or family member attend your trial with you and then discussing your thoughts afterwards. On the day of your wedding, ask that same person to look at you when you are finished and see if they give your look the approval of what it was from what you wanted after the trial.

As far as the rest of the bridal party she did hair and makeup for, I was THRILLED! I joked with the bridesmaids that they all looked better than I did! :) So to Natalie's credit, they looked gorgeous! She did several different styles of half up/half down and all down hair styles for the girls and all of their makeup was beautiful.

Also, as a testimony to Natalie's willingness to work with her customers, I have this to share: On the day of the wedding, half way through the ceremony my husband whispered to me that one of my false eyelashes was slightly coming off. I didn't feel it or notice it but after the ceremony I just decided to pull them off completely since I didn't want to waste time reapplying it and since we had already taken almost all of our photos before the ceremony as I mentioned. I later shared this little piece of information with Natalie and she felt awful that the eyelashes came off. When I told her that we had some issues with our photographer and were doing a 'day after reshoot' at our wedding location to get a bunch of shots we missed on the day of the wedding, Natalie offered to re-do my hair and makeup for me for the re-shoot at no additional charge since she felt so bad about the eyelash coming off. I was thrilled!

I would definitely recommend Natalie for your hair and makeup needs. And I also recommend that you remember to be true to yourself and be honest with your vendors about your hopes and desires so nothing gets lost in the communication.

You can check out photos of my bridesmaids and myself at my blog at Search for 'hair' or 'makeup' and you can see some of my trial shots. And the link I provided will show some recaps of photos reflecting hair/makeup. But I'm sure there's much more on there. Overall, I totally recommend Natalie.
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