Jun 21, 2011

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Well, I was part of a random forum and website chat. I had a good friend that I had known for a year or two on, and told her I was bored. She told me to check out this place called GAIAOnline.

Gaia is an avatar and gaming site, you play games to win money to dress up your character, and they have a chatting system too. I randomly looked at games and in different chatting rooms. I had a basic avatar, but I really like to do different things with the page, not many people pay attention to their profile. So even though I had been there a day, I looked like I had been on a few weeks at least.

I decided to initiate a chat room to see what kind of people were on and drawn to my room. Among them, MaSuAnime. We talked a tiny bit, more like a hello, and he was generous and asked if I would like a tiger for my avatar. The tigers were a ton of points, most people got them by paying real money. I did not understand why, but said sure and accepted the gift. He left my room and more people came in, it was just a passing person. Later that night, he went searching for my name again, and this time it was pretty much just us, it was about 2 in the morning. We got to talking and the way these chats work you can move your avatars around and "act". We "sat" on a cliff side over looking a beach and ocean, watching beautiful aurora borealis (northern lights) and talking. He was really intelligent and we talked about anything that came to mind. When 6 am came and I had to go, it felt like it had been 15 minutes, his character gave mine a "kiss on the cheek" and hoped we could have an "intelligent talk again soon, not many are so on this site." We talked a few days later, and he asked if we could be online bf/gf, there is no harm in that. I refused because at the time I actually had a boyfriend, but we were going through some hard times. His name was Nathan and we decided to give it a break for a few months, because he was going out of town and wouldn't have a phone or computer to talk to me. I said okay and that I would wait, but he said I didn't have to, he wanted me to find someone better.

It Crushed me. This was in December of 07. MaSu was a good friend and helped talk me through it. After a few weeks he asked again if we could try an online relationship, and I refused because I said we didn't know each other well enough.

So, MaSu started spending more time talking to me, telling me about his life, and his genetic disease, osteogenisis imperfecta, his family and asking questions about mine. Eventually, we traded real life pictures, where he was floored by how tall and young I looked. (he was 19 at the time, me 16). He asked me again if we could try an online relationship December 19th. This time, I said what harm could it do?

Through this, I was going through "family troubles" at the same time. I got in such a bad fight, and I wrote Logan crying asking what I should do? He was talking about having me come down to Missouri by bus (I was in Minnesota) and he was sure his mom would take me in and help me out. Now I knew this guy not nearly long enough! I ran away to my grandfather's in northern Minnesota first. I told him I might not ever talk to him again because I didnt know if I would have internet access, so he gave me his phone number. The night I got to my grandfathers was December 21st, and I asked his fiancee, Joy, if I could borrow her phone. Now normally, I can't memorize numbers, I am a bit dyslexic. I think I have 5-8 memorized, including his.

From that night on, we talked EVERY DAY. For at least 30 minutes or more.

I went up to alaska like I usually did to spend the summer with my mother. We started talking about saving some money for a trip that I could go to Missouri for a week or two. Just about everyone around me told me that I shouldn't, but I was comforted by him and his mom, I would have a bed on the couch, and if I felt unsafe they would send me back to Alaska early. I went for two weeks in August 08, and got to meet all his friends and have fun at his birthday. Laughed a lot! Especially when Josh made the comment "its weird actually seeing your girlfriend. Its really a person, not just your phone attached to your ear!" So I licked his ear. XP

I went back to Alaska to work the state fair, October went back to MN, November went back to his house for a month. December left for Las Vegas to live with my friend/boss for two months, spent a month in Cali and got back on good terms with my mother to go to Mexico for a week. Day after getting back left again for MO. Stayed 3 months, went for a month to Minnesota to graduate (had been finishing high school online during travels).

When I went back to Missouri April 09, I started paying rent to his parents. Now I am not a good one for depending on people, but I did live with them with mostly no slips, Logan and I got along great. I was living in his room with him by now. We adopted an adorable chinchilla, and two roborovski hamsters. I started getting restless, living with 8 people in one house. (His two brothers still live at home too, and the oldest has a girlfriend with a baby now).We started making plans to move out together. He asked me to marry him, of course I said yes! We decided to wait a bit to tell people, and we finally picked out a ring this past June, Sunday 6 6 10 actually, at the awesome renascence festival. We made plans for me to continue my education in Alaska, for I could get discounted tuition, and I got a surprise ticket from my mother on July 1st to Alaska.

He will be following in September. We want to get married June 21st, 2011! The Summer Solstice. Yay! We have the rest of our lives together, and we are so happy!

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Allo! I am new to the site and therefore a little unsure of what the bio is normally used for, but I can hazard a guess its for my fiance and me to write about ourselves and our plans.

I am a traveler, animal and nature lover, and going to college to be a teacher. I am highly independent, and can try to be fun^.^ . I have lived in many states, and we will be making our home in Alaska, land of beauty. The little fuzz ball in our picture is Chie Chie the spoiled Chinchilla, our adorable baby of 2 years. And when I say spoiled I Mean it! His cage is big enough to have the recommended room for 4-5 chins, and we bought an air conditioner just for him, not our own comfort.

My fiance is a political activist, geeky gamer, and all around humorous guy. His long time home has been Missouri, though he lived in Texas for a few years and visited Canada quite often for treatments. Our wedding ceremony will be quite interesting, and I am having difficulties planing around his wheelchair. He can not walk because he was born with osteogenis imperfecta, in layman's terms, brittle bones. His time in Canada helped that a lot though, so where as when he was a kid playing with his stuffed animals he would break his arm, now they are not quite as fragile.


We are a fun, music loving couple, we hold our friends closest, besides each other. Our tastes vary and cover just about everything. And though we may not have a lot of money, we hope for a wonderful, beautiful wedding. I am looking all over trying to figure out the best way to cut prices but still keep the spirit that is us in our perfect day.