Apr 01, 2010

Sophie's Gown Shoppe
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
would avoid all business dealings with Sophie's London store.

I had a great experience trying on the dresses, but they have completely fallen flat when it comes to customer service.

After purchasing my bridal gown, I was told that if my mother and bridesmaids or anyone purchased their dresses from Sophie's, there would be a discount on their dresses.

When my mother and sister purchased their dresses, they were told no such discount could be given. Too bad for them. Fine, we agreed to just buy them there for convenience and be done with it.

After several months, we had no word from them in regards to the arrival of my mother & sister's dresses as we were told approximately 2 months for their arrival. When I called to get a status update, I was told that my mother's dress wasn't expected for at least six months and she couldn't understand why I was even bothering her to call. LUCKILY, the dress arrived "early". We never would hvae bought that dress if we have been appropriately told the time.

At the time of the purchase, my mother decided it best to just pay in full and be done with it. However, similar to the last post, this proved to be a problem. We have a bill that states "PAID IN FULL", yet when my mother arrived to pick up her dress she was told he owed another $60 in "fees from the manufacturer". Currently, they have no reason for this extra $60 other than staff error, which we believe we should not have to cover. There are also issues with the alteration rates we were originally told would be honoured.

Finally, in regards to my dress, I was told at the time of purchase to schedule a fitting after the dress arrives to determine what undergarments I need. But when I called to make this appointment I was VERY RUDELY told I had to have all of those items or I would "just be wasting the seamstresses time by coming". I have no idea what exactly I need yet, but after 15 mins I finally got the woman to understand that I needed to try on the dress to figure out what was needed. "Oh, well then just come in whenever. You obviously don't need an appointment for that".

I have had nothing but terrible service from this store and has caused my family and myself a lot of grief through what should be a fun and memorable (in a good way!) process.

I would completely avoid this store!

There are plenty of fabulous bridal shops in London, which is where my sister and cousin will now be purchasing their bridal gowns and up to 12 bridesmaid dresses.
Services used: Dress & Attire