May 22, 2010

Elle Music & Events
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
We had our wedding in May 2010 and the experience with Elle was unbelievably terrible.
I wanted to post this review to warn any potential customers of Elle’s, or Brandon’s, potentially horrible customer service. In my opinion, any person would be taking a huge gamble hiring Elle to do any event, as we got screwed in every aspect of our order with Elle. All of our order were either were switched without our consent, ineffective, delivered late or even just not provided at all.
I included some language from an email correspondence with Brandon, deleting certain requests for damages and other nonsubstantive details. The following language is not to be proposed to be facts, but are my own allegations of how their service was 100% unsatisfactory to us (although Brandon disputes some of my allegations):
As I discussed in detail over the phone, the following are my complaints:
1. I paid for pattern washes and I received no pattern washes. This is a clear breach of our contract and understanding. [ELLE AGREED TO COMPENSATE US, BUT HAVE NOT HEARD A RESPONSE SINCE THEIR AGREEMENT]
2. I paid for uplighting. However, because the [LOCATION] lights were fully on through most of wedding, no one could see the uplights. I have pictures showing that all [LOCATION] lights were on, and therefore, your lights could not be seen. Despite Victor allegedly saying that he had everything in order by 7:30 pm, they were not in order because all of [LOCATION] 's lights were on and you could not see any of Elle's lights.
3. We agreed that you would arrange for [LOCATION]'s blue lights to be turned off, only leaving their purple ones. I have pictures of [LOCATION]'s blue lights still on. This clashed with our color scheme ([VENDOR]'s flowers and [VENDOR]'s linens) and made [LOCATION]'s blue lights recognizable, which we specifically wanted to stay away from.
4. We agreed that you would dim the chandeliers, but I have pictures of them still fully on.
5. We picked a specific drape, to match with [VENDOR]'s linens. At first, we were not even considering linens and were going to just use [VENDOR]'s for free. However, after your promises that you would create a certain ambiance, we decided spend the extra money to go with [VENDOR] for linens. We would not, however, rent linens if we had known that there would be no pattern washes, that you could not see the up-lights, and that the drapes would match the linens. You did not tell us that you were going to switch the linens; and your drapes were extremely lighter than the linens, ruining the ambiance.
Further, I did not order the muslin cloth. I ordered the banjo cloth. Although I was concerned about price, we specifically chose the banjo cloth. I would rather not have any draping than the muslin draping. Further, many of my guests and even the restaurant manager asked my why the draping looked so cheap.
6. In our conversation a few days before the wedding, you assured me that you would "have a whole team" available to set up the drapes and lighting in time, especially since you just partnered up with a new team. However, the only person I saw setting up was Victor. The result was that he was still setting up by 6 pm, the start time of the reception, and thereafter. This was embarrassing to my wife and me, as our guests were arriving while Victor was still setting up.
I am unsure of what was asked to be put up that was not part of the order. I am not aware of any such fixture. [BRANDON ALLEGES THAT THEY HAD TO ATTEND TO A REQUEST BY MY WEDDING COORDINATOR, CAUSING THE LATE SET UP. I CONFIRMED WITH MY COORDINATOR THAT NO SUCH REQUEST EXISTED.]
7. There still was not enough drapes to drape the back partition. We paid an extra fee to our photographer to take photographs of us and our guests as they arrived. Because there were not enough drapes, our photo area shows both drapes and the partition. I would have expected that you and/or Victor measured the area requiring draping correctly, especially considering you "upgraded" the fabric because you allegedly did not have enough of the fabric we ordered. [BRANDON’S RESPONSE WAS THAT “We provided the contracted amount of drape.”]
8. Because Victor was not finished setting up the draping, we had to set up the photography backdrop late. We were waiting for Victor to finish setting up the draping, before setting up the backdrop. Therefore, we only had 1/2 the time to take pictures with our guests, which was not enough time to take pictures with everyone. In consideration of 7 and 8, the extra photos we ordered from our photographer were either ruined because 1/4 showed the partition, or never were taken. [SEE 6. FOR BRANDON’S RESPONSE.]
9. You said that there would be an operator staying at the event for the entire period of the reception. In our phone conversation a few days before the wedding, you even said there was a high likelihood that you would be working the wedding, to make sure everything was ok. However, after the event, you and Victor have clearly stated that Victor left at 7:30 pm, after he "thought everything was ok." As soon as we did our entrance (around 7:30 pm) and after we sat down, I noticed that the lighting was all wrong. I spent at least 45 minutes a) texting and calling my wife's sister to fix the lighting, b) trying to find the operator, which left, c) calling you directly and leaving you messages, d) asking [LOCATION] employees "where is the lighting guy" to only hear "I don't know, he left", e) if the operator was present, as we agreed to, they could have plugged in light that went out. [NOTE THAT IN OUR CONTARCT, IT SSAYS THAT AN OPERATOR WILL BE “ON-SITE”.]
I understand that your team put in effort on setting things up, but the outcome came out wrong in every respect: wrong draping and still not enough of the wrong draping, no pattern washes, late set up, didn't turn off/dim the lights that were supposed to turned off, couldn't see the uplights and no operator to fix any of the problems. Your team did not deliver any part of the agreement as agreed upon (as mentioned in our conversation, I thought that you guys may have even mixed up the order).”

Not only did I waste my money paying for Elle, it messed up the whole coordination with my other vendors. To top it all off, I’ve been trying to reach Brandon since the day after our wedding date in May 2010 and have only received limited responses from him. He is extremely difficult to get a hold of and is allegedly “always traveling” or is allegedly “caring for an ailing grandmother.” Whether those are true or not, I am extremely unsatisfied and have infuriated by the whole situation.
It's basically all a sham from my perspective.
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