Nov 14, 2012

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I want them to be very rustic.

I want the ambiance to feel warm, a "just like home" feel!

Here a few of the ones a liked

Cream of the Crop Centerpiece photo 1 <-----MY FAV @ first and then I found this.....


                                       FALL Centerpiece

                                              Isn't it AWESOME???


Now around the venue, I want many of these....

Cream of the Crop Centerpiece photo 2

This one is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cream of the Crop Centerpiece photo 3

Around the tables I want many of these 

------------------>                          Cream of the Crop Centerpiece photo 4



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These are NOT the official invitations, still I'm leaning towards these ideas

Inviting Fall for Inspiration photo 1

Inviting Fall for Inspiration photo 2

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                                 Rock on The Reception Venue photo 1

                             The Hard Rock Cafe in Old  San Juan, Puerto Rico

Located in the heart of Old San Juan, the Cafe is housed in a beautiful two-story building, built 300 years ago.

Hard Rock Cafe San Juan closed in the summer of 2003 after a fire caused severe damage, and has re-opened almost fully remodeled. The new Cafe will boast an open retail space that is 500 sq. feet instead of a counter store, additional seating at the main bar and a semi-private room that seats 40 people overlooking the main dining room. In an effort to give more of San Juan's visitors and locals the chance to experience Hard Rock's great American food in a rock 'n' roll atmosphere, the seating capacity of the Cafe was increased from 200 to 230.

The San Juan Cafe is also home to pieces of memorabilia highlighting the area's rich musical history. Ricky Martin's shirt, a kimono worn by Jennifer Lopez and a black leather jacket from Gloria Estefan have all been added to the Cafe's memorabilia collection. 


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Finally decided on a theme for my wedding...

since it is "scheduled" and I use that term very loosely to be in November-Im going totally Autumn!

             "Fall In Love.....

                                       Fall In love Wedding photo 1


                                                                    'Color Palette '


                                 Fall In love Wedding photo 2



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Hi everyone

I just created my own little wedding website, it still needs a lot still I wanted  to share it with y'all :)




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How he proposed photo 1


So, after an eternal 2 year courtship and countless debates about marriage.  I got over the whole "we have to get married" thing.  I decided to focus on our projects and enjoy our relationship and our time together, so when you think about it, I have a lot of things that some married couples don't have just not the marriage certificate!

Still like every girl, I wanted to get married but as a savvy lady, I decided not to rush things, I didn't rush to meet him, he just came a long, I didn't rush to move in with him, he just invaded! Still one day it happened...

My guy did the unexpected and proposed( well I knew he would but I just thought it be 10 years)

So on June 26 2009 my man-friend picked me up at work, as usual, so nothing romantic about that! Still pretty thankful, cause these heals weren't made for walking home!

So we finally arrived after a long 10 minute drive and as usual I got home went to kiss my kids hello and all of a sudden when I went to pick baby Chelsea I see something written on her blanckie and it read:

"Will you marry my dad?" and she had a ribbon tied around her neck (loose) with my engagement ring.

So after I had an asthma attack, I finally got to say "YES"!

 There weren't candles, no knealing, just the confirmation that we wanted to share with the whole world what we already knew....

"That we wanted to spend our lives together"

Regardless of the ring or ceremony or certificate-none of those things really matter, none of those things will hold a marriage together-unless you have a true pact and of course, L-O-V-E


How he proposed photo 2