Nov 14, 2012

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I met my fiancée while working at the airport.  I was a Meet & Greet agent for a Destination Management Company in Puerto Rico and he was a chauffeur for one of the excursion companies.

He was my cousins best friend.  On January 5th of 2007 my cousin had little "get together" at her house.

Thats where I met him and all though he was a little older than me (I was 23 and he was 28) there was something about him.  He wasn't the typical Latin "hombre" drooling over me.

I was really out of the dating scene, I was a single mom and well, not too many knights in shinning armor to wait out for.  Still, there was something about him.  I have a very sarcastic sence of humor, I love laughing :)

and him as well as me, is the type of person you want to be friends with.  Those snappy come-backs, that enjoyment of laughter, I suddenly started to think "humm this might be it"

Still I tried to hesitate, I tried-but FAILED! One won me over was the way he was with my children.  So warm and tender, yet respectful.  He wasn't freaked out, like most men are-you know the ones who keep 100 yards between.

We dated briefly and before1 month of dating, he moved in with me.

You could say he swept me away but really he swept us all-cause my kids instantly loved him!

I didn't follow the golden map to relationships, it felt right and I trusted my feeling.

For once, I didn't feel bamboozled.  So I wasn't going to do like every girl does and set up traps to test him, only to make him run away.  

I just enjoyed each day and didn't sulk or over analize the whole, will he call me? Should I call? It wasn't there, funny hu?