Nov 05, 2011

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Here are my list of things to make sure you can have a budget friendly wedding:

            1.  (I am not saying other places don't or do, do this) all northern Jersey every banquet hall had an already priced out meal plan for a wedding. You can choose what you want, how you wanted it and what you didn't want and the price they had was the price- non negotiable. If the hall costs 10k, that's it, if you can't afford that then move on. Limiting alcohol or not having alcohol at all, did not change the price, some places will bargain with you on this, some places will actually allow you to bring your own liquor but will charge a CORKING fee, which is usually 1 dollar. A lot of brides think it's an easy way to save money by eliminating alcohol or buying it yourself, BUT it is not always the case. For example, a good friend of mine is getting married in South Jersey this year and had to BUY all their liquor since it's a dry town. They could of had an option for everything to be included at another banquet hall outside of town for a lot cheaper BUT they loved that venue, so they decided to spend the extra money on buying the booze for everyone.

            2. Cut costs where it's needed. Not everyone will remember everything about your wedding except you and maybe your FI (let's face it, they rarely have any say in the planning stages) most venues supply you with your cake cutting silverware, your linens and your flutes. I do not understand why a bride will feel the need to get a blinged out cake cutting knife. If it cost you $20 and you are struggling as a budget bride, please be more aware of where your money is going. A friend of mine asked me if I had all my utensils prepared and ready for the big day. I had no idea what she was referring too and when she said "The cake cutting! How will you cut your cake!?" I looked at her and said "I am very sure they have something for us to cut our cake with, that's the least of my worries!" they did by the way, and it was actually very pretty, and it was NO extra charge. So before you go out and BUY things... ASK first.

            Nobody will care if you bought Egyptian cotton table cloths that are custom made to match the bridesmaids' dresses. What are you going to do AFTER the wedding is over with those custom made linens? Maybe you can recycle them into a DIY project, or sell them ( it's VERY hard to sell something custom) don't scream poverty if it's not needed. You know what happens with items like that which are left over from a wedding? They become the venues property and now the venue can REUSE those items for future brides. That is exactly what happened to me for my wedding. My venue had large glass pillars to fill with rocks and candles for the aisle that I walked up, I didn't purchase those at all! Those were included because they had them in the back room. Plenty of time brides will LEAVE things behind and never ask for them back- their loss is YOUR gain. So ask, please ask first because who knows what you can get FOR FREE!

Budget wedding advice photo 1

Above are the pillar candle holders and candles that a previous bride left- she also leftover ribbons! The flowers were "trash flowers" that the florist didn't want to use for a different event that same day- ALWAYS ask if the florist can give you any leftovers that they are wanting to throw away. Free is always better!

            3. It's all about flowers....I can talk about how cutting the cost of flowers is so important for DAYS! Everyone should know by now, especially if you are a PW bride that you should always use flowers that are IN SEASON for your wedding. If you want a tropical flower for your December wedding then you will PAY for that. DH and I got married in the Fall, I love that season, I love the colors and especially the flowers. We got very lucky in that department because everything fit together. What I really wanted was Dahlias, which were not in season at that point, I had just missed the season. I was willing to pay extra for that, and it was a lot extra. A week before the wedding a massive snowstorm hit- Frankenstorm is what they called it since it landed on Halloween. You know what phone call I received on Monday? It was from my florist telling me that all the Dahlias died since they were destroyed by this freak storm. This is also another good point, never freak out when something you cannot control happens. Things happen, life happens, accidents happen and most likely your wedding and the days leading up to it will not go smoothly. The florist came up with another option, 2 new flowers to be exact and did not charge me at all. They were pretty flowers, and I could not believe that I freaked out so much over needing a certain flower and almost paying double just to have it. Just work with what you have, nobody noticed I didn't have Dahlias in my flowers and nobody noticed that I had Cockscomb instead, most people don't even know that's a name of a flower (I know I didn't.....)

            4.  DIY, but DIY correctly. I made my guestbook, which wasn't a traditional "write your name here" guestbook. It was a fingerprint poster where I actually made the tree with our names, printed it out at Kinkos and placed it on a board for all to use. I bought the ink and the wipes people could use and it was a huge hit.

Budget wedding advice photo 2

Here is our poster- my friend made the origami birds.

            I wanted pumpkins for my centerpieces. Fake pumpkins cost A LOT of money, but real pumpkins, once carved out have a strong pumpkin scent and are heavy. They also take time to carve out, this would mean either I would have to do it OR the florist would have to and that would mean....more money. So what I did was, I bought my pumpkins the year prior to our wedding, they were all 50% off since it was an after  Halloween sale at AC Moore. Chances are you may not find a lot of leftovers at the store, but there is always the internet. Get what you can in the stores, then search the internet. is an awesome COUPON site where you can find a discount on almost every store, so if you find what you want online check out for coupons first before you place your order. AC Moore had a "Weclome" stencil and an "ABC123 stencil" I chose the "ABC123" one since A. The prices for the 1 phrase was SO much higher than the lettered and numbered one. B. I wanted to use the stencils for other projects. So I used the stencil to carve out "Welcome" in one pumpkin and our wedding date in two other pumpkins. I still have that stencil for other projects I can use in the future. So if you are going to buy something I suggest something that can be used over. My pumpkins are displayed year round in our home since I ADORE pumpkins- my favorite holiday IS Halloween after all.

Budget wedding advice photo 3Budget wedding advice photo 4

Heres our welcome pumpkin

   is a lifesaver. I bought a large and small birdcage for $20. Now I did not need a large and a small one, I just needed a large one for the cards, but it cost less to actually get the set instead of just buying a large one. What I did was, for my rock ceremony, instead of buying rocks are AC Moore or going online, DH and I went out hiking one day and picked out 100 of our own rocks. It was a great bonding experience and it was free. We brought them home and washed them in the tub and we actually used the small birdcage to hold all of our rocks after the ceremony was over- they are still in there till this day.    

Budget wedding advice photo 5     

This is actually the cards birdcage, all of the printed items I personally made myself and just went to the dollar store and bought candle holders in the shape of leaves and some frames to hold various items.


I also purchased flameless tealights- they last up to 16 hours, we put them in the pumpkins and people actually thought there were real candles illuminating the pumpkins all night.

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Merry Whatever it is you celebrate!

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This is the section where everything CUTE will be posted.


This was taken from Elocha via Pinterest!

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A gifts from Elocha



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Myself and my DH photo 1Myself and my DH photo 2Myself and my DH photo 3 

Myself and my DH photo 1Myself and my DH photo 2Myself and my DH photo 3