Nov 05, 2011

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I just wanted to list the vendors and venue so it will be easier to review later and also if anyone liked anything on my profile page they would know where to get it.

Theme- Fall

Flowers- More Than a Gift Newark, NJ 

Ceremony/ Reception- Empire Club Little Ferry, NJ

Photographer- Abacus Wedding Studio

DJ-   Jonathan Lopez

Hair- Marcy Ski Lyndhurst, NJ (Shop owner)

Makeup- Kimm Kreations Fairfield, NJ (Freelance)

Wedding Dress- David's Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses- Davids Bridal

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My dress on me during my first fitting!


The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2

And the details...

The Dress photo 3The Dress photo 4


Second fitting! I get to take her home next week!


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I just realized I haven't posted our fur baby on PW yet!


We have a Chinchilla named Ling Ling (named after Drawn Together) She is 5 years old and very shy. She only exercises in her wheel if the lights are completely off or if FI and I are not in the same room as her.


Fur Baby photo 1Fur Baby photo 2Fur Baby photo 3


FI and I love dogs and will be getting a puppy after the wedding is over.


I can't wait for our new fur baby addition!


We got our new baby!!!

Lily is an 8 week old Siberian Husky!

Lily meet Ling Ling, Ling Ling meet Lily

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Just had my Bridal Shower on 9/18/2011 and here are some of the highlights!

This is me, my MOH took this picture and the coolest thing about this shot is that my grandmothers identical twin sister is staring directly at me over on the right. My grandmother passed away in 2006 and she always wanted to see her grandchildren get married. My mother saw this as a way of her letting me know that she she will be watching me when I get married.

Myself and my mama with all my gifts behind me!

This is me and my niece who is also my flower girl in the wedding! She was calling out to her mama when I picked her up.



I had a delicious brunch with mimosa's YUM. My cake was devils food with whipped cream topping and cannoli cream filling another YUM. Also my favors were homemade caramel chocolate covered apples which were another YUM. They looked SO professionally done everyone had no idea they were handmade.




Here are some of the gifts I received!

Bridal Shower photo 1

Fondue Set

Kitchen Aid mixer! In Iron Man red!

Two 7 piece luggage sets!

A very powerful and heavy blender- I haven't used it yet but I have turned it on and boy is it loud and monstrous.

This is my favorite gift, I use it every single morning and I love it.


I hope to get some more pictures of my day so I am able to post them on here and share it all with you ladies!


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Tom and I have been dating for only a month when we decided to bring up marriage on what we wanted in life. We seemed to want the same things and obviously we were completely in love.


One afternoon we went on a trip to New Hope, PA to check out the stores. We passed by an antique jewelry shop- which I am totally into old jewelry- we went in and when the owner asked if we were looking for anything in particular I said no but Tom quickly said "Can I see your engagement rings?"


I was in shock that I was actually trying on engagement rings! It was there that we picked out my ring-

The Proposal photo 1


The ring had to be made and it took over a month to create. So Tom and I went on another trip to the shore and stayed over a night to spend some time at the beach. It was there that he actually proposed to me- On the beach at sunset!

The Proposal photo 2


of course I said YES


The Proposal photo 3


And that is how this planning process all started.

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It all started with a Purple TuTu

Inspirations photo 1

Inspirations photo 2Inspirations photo 3Inspirations photo 4









From the Purple TuTu came the urge to wear a BIG poofy gown!

Inspirations photo 5Inspirations photo 6Inspirations photo 7Inspirations photo 8


The love of Fall

Inspirations photo 9 Inspirations photo 10Inspirations photo 11

Inspirations photo 12