Sep 01, 2012

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WOW, what a funny few days I've had talking to the other half...

Me and Pelly (other half) don't live together... in fact we dont even live in the same county LOL... I live in London with our little girl (his step daughter) and he lives and works on the Isle of Wight. So our relationship is  weekend and the school holiday visits and phone calls every day until the holiday season finishes and he can come home to us for a few months. YAY!

Anyway, it was one if these many phone calls we make to each other that has really made me laugh...

He and our friends were watching 'Four Wedding' (they've recently got engaged too) and one couple were having a lovely sit down meal, so Eloise said that's what she would like for her and Kellys' wedding in which Pelly said he wouldn't want that for ours, he'd want to have a buffet style, with no place order (I'm guessing only the top table or hoping anyway) and that guest could have PAPER PLATES! then rush to the buffet table to the 'PINEAPPLE and CHEESE cocktail sticks - that would be put in a POTATO covered in SILVER FOIL! Right next to the MINI COCKTAIL SAUSAGES with their COCKTAIL STICKS and get loads of them to stab into the sides of their plates to make in his word 'A COCKTAIL STICK FENCE' so that all the guest could walk  around and mingle or dance without fear of their food falling off there plates!!  I haven't laughed so much in ages. he think it must be a northern thing (he's originally from Leeds) I totally agreeing with him on that... if not EVER been to a wedding with cocktail stick fences!!!! LOL

Bless him though, that was the first time he has really expressed his views on the wedding - might have to change them but still.. LOL

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Hey hey.

Well we're in August now, and me and my other half have had a proper chat, we are DEFINATELY going to get married in September 2012... Maybe even sooner if he has his way.

Definately got colour theme, and now just looking at ideas to make it cheaper as we will definately not have enough money for a full on 'BIG' wedding. I would say I wouldn't mind but I'd be lying. He on the other hand would jyust go off and get hitched in a registry office. But after years of refusing to get married (my mum and dad divorced when i was five) I want to do it properly.

I'm thinking that i'll probably do a lot of it myself - being creative and designing is on of my strongest points, just looking through craft sites for the card that we would want for the invites and that... I can see me planning and organising this all myself! LOL.


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I'm writing this whilst trailing through millions (literally!) of wedding websites, getting ideas.

I know some of the brides-to-bes on here may think I'm mad preparing for a wedding over two years before, but after seeing how stressed my sister-in-law has just been organising hers and my brothers (18 months, she had) I'm going to take my chances with the ridicule! LOL.

Its mad. I always swore that I'd never get married after seeing my mum and dad divorce over tenty years ago. But since meeting my partner its something that we both feel we want to do. He felt exactly the same as me with regards to married, before meeting me.

So here I am now, scrunched up on my 'lazy boy' chair, randomly babbling on to anyone who will listen about my wedding! With a dilema...

I've kinda sorted out the style of my dress, and being over 6ft, I think I'm going to have to have it made... stupid 37in inside leg! But I have no idea on what bridesmaid dress would look best with my dress idea, I'm also torn between three colours/themes/etc..

Purple, Turquoise and Peacock - which probably is my favourite, but my supisistion side may let me down on that one...

Hmmm... suspose there's no rush really.... I've still got another TWO years!

x <3 x