Dec 03, 2010

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So my Bridal Shower was 2 months ago but I hadn't had time to do a post on it.

It was small but I like that I was able to socialize with everyone a bit more. Usually the more people the less you can interact with your guests. We had yummy carne asada tacos prepared by my FI :) and an absolutely deliciouse red velvet cake for dessert! 

Here are some pics:

How awesome is this umbrella shaped cake?! It was so good :)

My Bridal Shower photo 1

My Bridal Shower photo 2<<< aww my FI LOVES pics hahaha can you tell?

My Bridal Shower photo 3my momma is the beautiful lady in blue <3

My Bridal Shower photo 4<<< my dad looks like he was in deep thought... probably thinking "omg this wedding is going to cost me my savings..." hahahha love my dad

My Bridal Shower photo 5

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Congratulations to our couples getting married this week!

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So I have seen all these amazing card boxes on here and wanted one but i'm not very crafty.... Thankfully my FI is! so here is our (well his) piece of artwork :)

Our inspiration:

My DIY cardbox photo 1




My DIY cardbox photo 2

We found the boxes at michaels came with all the boxes for 14 dollars!!

still debating if I want to put a little frame that says "cards" on it.



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This is my most perfect ring. My FI actually let me pick it out :)


 My engagement ring 3 photo 1

This is what it will look like with the two wedding bands:

 My engagement ring 3 photo 2


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Originally my colors were going to be burgandy, pink and white. But then I stumbled upon this invitation and I was in love!

 My wedding colors black pink white photo 1

Here is my actual invitations: We decided to use our initials instead of the last name initial.


I really love how classic and elegant the damask looks. So I decided that I want it on my cake as well. My wedding colors black pink white photo 2


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So my dress came in a month early!!! yay! Went in for my first fitting and took pics with my cell but my media card decided to erase everything :( so I will take pics at my 2nd fitting. I'm so proud that I ordered my dress 1/2 size smaller and I was able to lose the weight and my dress fits perfectly :D         

My perfect wedding dress photo 1