Sep 17, 2011

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We booked our photographer! It took a while (okay, forever!) to find one whose work we loved that was in our budget. 

So excited!


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We had a a few issues finding a photographer, but are so happy we found ours! I'll let the pics speak for themselves:

All photos courtesy of Jason G Photography

Engagement Pictures photo 1

Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3

Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5

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This took FOREVER to decide on! We live in Colorado, but are getting married on the Oregon Coast. Some of my family lives in OR, so on our last visit, we toured 5 venues in one day. However, when we got home, I didn't stop looking! (Oops!) So, much to my FI's chagrin, I took a total of almost 3 months to decide. It is not our dream venue, but that is almost impossible to find on our budget, with our requirements. (Had to be oceanfront, with an outdoor ocean view ceremony site, as well as a back-up plan for weather, room for a cocktail hour, didn't require us to rent a lot of their hotel rooms, and the list continued.) This place offered by far the best value for our dollar, and offered a lot of possibilities for decor, etc. Plus, the site coordinator has been awesome to work with!

So, without further ado, 

Here it is:

Chinook Winds Casino Resort

Ahh The Venue photo 1

I don't have many pictures right now, but our ceremony will be on a bluff overlooking the ocean, and our reception will be in an oceanfront ballroom!

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The Color Scheme photo 1The Color Scheme photo 2The Color Scheme photo 3


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Well, we have only been engaged for a few days thus far, but since I have been such and avid lurker on here, I have some tentative ideas. We are thinking of a navy, green, and white color scheme. Once we settle on a location and a date, I will jump into the planning a little more heavily!

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Well we had been together almost 2.5 years when he proposed. He did it on my birthday (which he had always said he would never do, so I was completely shocked!!) We had gone away for a few days to celebrate my birthday, and as soon as we got up to our hotel room, he said I could open one present. So I did! It was a gorgeous Coach wallet!! I was beyond thrilled with that! But, there was another present in the bag! It was wrapped in white paper with silver ribbon. He said I could open it, but I wanted to prolong the suspense a little bit longer. So, I got ready to go out, and then I opened it. It was a wood box with a lock on top. Attached was a card that read "To open this, you must first ask for the key." Well, I asked for the it, and he takes out a key that says "love" on it. Then, I opened the box. Inside was a wooden heart wrapped in silver wire holding a silver filigree heart that he made!! (Awwwww!!!) It was sitting on a bunch of rose petals. He said it was because I would always have the key to his heart. So sweet! :-) Then, he threw some of the petals in the air, and got down on his knees like he was picking them up. He pulled out a box that he had gotten under the mattress without me noticing, and said I make him the happiest man in the world and asked me to marry him! I was so surprised, I just threw my arms around him and kept saying "Oh my God" and nodding. He asked "is that a yes?" And I said yes, of course!! Best day of my life to date!! Love him so much!


From the FI's point of view:

Point of view?  This is what really happened.  

Many ladies don't understand the work, thought or nervousness that goes into planning a proposal.  Will she say yes? Will she like the ring?... It's a roller coaster running through your stomach.  I've known many couples.  One thing that I've learned is that, the story of the proposal is almost as important as the ring itself. I always hear newly engaged couples being asked, "How did he propose?"  The last thing that a woman wants to say is, "He proposed to me while ordering a Big Mac, in the McDonald's drive thru."  So yes, the story is important and planning is key. The bottom line ladies and gents is that she is totally worth every part of it.

The Story:

We were together 2.5 years.  From the moment I worked up the nerve to ask her out, it has been he happiest time of my life.  You ask why I waited so long to propose if we're so happy? When you find a person that you love so very much, the time flies.  To me it's still yesterday.  I wake up with a smile on my face, because she said, "Yes" to our first date.  2.5 years later, it's still our first date all over again.  Butterflies, nervous happiness, giddy smiles... you name it.  She drives me crazy and at the same time has me sitting on cloud nine, wondering how I got here?

I must've told her a thousand times that I wouldn't propose on her Birthday or Christmas.  So when her 21st Birthday rolled around, I knew that was the time to do it.  She'd never suspect it in a million years.  We rented a hotel room in Black Hawk, Colorado.  We checked in and brought with us her birthday gifts.  All were carried neatly in a gift bag.  The bag was "bridal white."  Did she pick up on that hint?  Nope.  Once to the room, she sat down on the bed and opened the bag, removed all of the tissue paper and opened her first gift, a Coach wallet (do you ladies realize that those things are crazy expensive?).  

The next gift in the bag was wrapped in bridal white paper, silver ribbon and topped with a white bow.  It was panic time.  This gift had to do with the planned proposal and the RING WAS STILL IN THE SUIT CASE!!! Luckily she wanted to prolong the birthday excitement and wait on opening it.  So she went to the bathroom to get ready to go out and celebrate her birthday.  YESSSSS!!!  Once she was in the bathroom, I RAN to the suitcase, grabbed the ring and hid the box in between the mattress of the bed.  FFFEEWWWW! 

She comes out of the bathroom ready for the night.  Let me tell you, she never looked so beautiful. Her blue eyes were glittering, she had that excited smile and I knew I was the luckiest guy alive. It was time....

She reached down to open the gift wrapped in white (again... white paper. White bow... Did she get it yet?) She opened the gift; trying as she always does to save the paper.  The unwrapped box in her hand is decorated with hearts.  Life and love is the theme.  Inside the box, was a wooden box that I had put together. On the lid of the wooden box was a lock and attached was a message.  It read, "To open this box, you must first ask for the key."  She asked me for the key.  The key I presented to her had the word "Love" engraved on it.  She opened the box and inside, resting on rose petals was a wooden heart, wrapped in wire, holding up a filagree metal heart in the center (yes I made it.).  At that point I told her that she will always have, "The Key to my Heart."  But what to do?!!!  I was too far away from the ring!  It was between the mattress 3 feet away!  If I reach for it... she'll know I'm up to something! So Improvising, I grab the rose petals from the box and toss them in the air.  On queue she follows my lead and tosses a handful as well.  So pretending to pick some up, I instead reach for "the box."  When she sees what is in my hand time stands still.  I haven't opened it yet, but she instinctively knows what is inside.  My heart is hammering.  I'm thinking that I'm the luckiest guy alive!  I don't deserve someone so wonderful!  I begin to tear up!  Finally swallowing back all of my emotion - looking at this "Angel" in front of me, through tear fogged eyes, I speak.  "Now that you hold the key to my heart, you'd make me the happiest man alive, if you'd marry me."  

The rest folks, is history.  She has her story and I have, with me always, the love of my life.  I am still floating on the answer she gave..."Yes! Yes! Yes!"




Alright ladies, I officially think my story has been waaaaaaay outdone! Isn't he the best?!

And finally, the ring!!! Isn't she lovely??

Engagement July 19 2010 photo 1