Jun 26, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Critics Choice was recommended to me by friend. As a frantic soon to be bride, I made an appointment. I walked in a little apprehensive and of-course really nervous because I had so much to do for the wedding. When I sat down and Janel walked me through what Critics Choice could do for me, I felt like a whole weight of stress just lifted off my shoulders. As I walked out I knew I wanted to use them as my caterers, not even sampling their food yet. Janel had this friendly vibe that wasn't fake. You could tell that she just met you, but she actually cared about you being happy as a bride and me needing to be hands on and not wanting any help, I knew I could count on her creativity and uniqueness to bring my vision to life. It is a great feeling because for couple months I felt like I was the only one I wanted to be in charge of everything so my stress level was so high. Couple weeks later, my Fiancée Joe and I went in for a tasting and it was beyond our expectations. I was really worried, AGAIN because my family and his family are all about the food and once we tasted it, we knew we made the right choice. Out of all the caterers we called, Critics Choice was by far the least expensive and they were willing to work with my budget. I thought since my budget was so low and I had so many people that, I'll get what I pay for, NOT TRUE. Janel worked with me through everything and she made sure I did not stress or freak out anymore than I should.
I walked into the reception, It was everything I hoped for and more. The tables were exactly how I pictures, the candles, decorations were unbelievable and so beautiful. All people could talk about is how beautiful the place was, what wonderful staff critics choice had ( Vanessa was wonderful) and most of all, People could not stop talking on how delicious the food was and that we must have spent a fortune (little did they know ;).
Janel, words cannot express my gratitude and thanks to you and your staff for giving me my dream wedding.

We love you so much,
Joe & Cathy Gillies-Olaya
June 2010 Wedding
Services used: Catering, Wedding Venue