Sep 06, 2009

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I DIY'ed the flowers with the help of my awesome bridesmaids.  We hit the SF flower mart two days before the wedding and spent a good chunk of time (3-4 hours) the day before putting together the bouquets and boutonnieres.  I was really thankful that the flowers I had in mind were available and that our flowers turned out nicely.

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We tied the knot!!  It's taken me a while to do a bio update after the wedding, but I am slowly and surely adding the pics from the big day.  Thinking about the wedding from beginning to end is still a little's hard to believe that so many things happened in just one day.  The big day was largely a blur until we got our pictures back.  I just remember lots of kissing and dancing, haha.

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There was no way the entire bridal party will fit into our condo, so the ladies got ready at my parents' place and the guys got ready at the condo.  I was pleasantly surprised that the guys were able to get their act together after the bachelor party the night before and start the day on time.  It was actually me and the bridesmaids that lagged a little, but luckily I planned some wriggle room in our timeline.


The Guys:

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The Gals:

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Our color theme will be aubergine/egglant and silver, accented with hints of light ivory and green.  I love the idea of a garden wedding and purple will be a great complement to all the greenery.  I'm hoping that the silver will add an elegant touch to the feel of the wedding and ease the transition from day to night.

Here's one of my earlier inspiration boards:

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Will you be my bridesmaids cards - this was my first fun DIY.

I spent much longer than I thought in the craft store trying to piece ideas together.  The cards didn't ultimately require that much labor, but I liked how they turned out anyway.  I spent the bulk of the time writing a wordy poem instead.  I won't share the poem since it contains some cheesy inside jokes, but here are the cards.

My Gals photo 1