Sep 10, 2011

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As you can tell I can't decide on a certain style. The black and red corset dress would actually be made in a blue and silver and that just happens to be my hubbys favorite one. I went into dress hunting with the thought of purchasing a vintage inspired ivory lace gown...but I keep finding all these different dresses that I love. The St Pucci bodice at the bottom i absolutly adore so I thought I might have that bodice made onto the ivory gown at the top.

BUT, I like the idea of a 2 piece gown so i can wear the corset top at night with a pair of jean or another skirt for a laid back look. We are planning on going out after out reception is over.

Soooo, who knows what i will wear. Im hoping it won't be jean and a t-shirt!

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I have always loved being outside at night under a full moon. There is something so romantic about it....the cadidids clicking, the tree frog singing, fireflys blinking....the hope of a falling star so you can make a fabulous wish *sigh* its so dream worthy!

I have always wanted a whimsical fairy themed wedding....Something delicate, and "otherwordly". So my plan is to have my wedding on the night of a full moon in a garden. Thankfully we live close to Eureka Springs, AR which is a beautiful whimisical town built by people that buck tradition. The gardens are stunning to say the least. I've had so many to choose from that its been mind boggling!

I want to have of course a lot of old trees around us, soft grass, and lots of flowers in bloom. I would love to have fairy lights in the trees and laterns scattered thru out the grounds flickering on their posts.

Blues, purples, greens, silver to compliment each other and the beauty of the outdoors at night.

I would love ideas if you have any to share!

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I've been married to my DH for 14 years now. He asked me to marry him several years back, but I kept putting it off. Just didn't seem like the right time what with 4 boys, bills, new home, my Moms death, it just never happened.

Well next year on 9/19/2011 will be our 15th wedding anniversary so we figured now was the time!

Our first wedding was an elopment. We spent $75.00 for a 5 minute ceremony. I still can remember it to this day! Right down to what I was wearing and what John was wearing! It was the best money ever spent! And we didn't have any actually. We were both young, John was 21 and I was 23 (yes, im older, and he never lets me forget it! LOL) and we had to sell our t.v. just to get the money! Sometimes I tell him that I should have just kept the t.v. at least i could change the channel! LOL


I've got a little over a year to get this planned. I'm not wanting to have a huge expensive blow out since we have kids at home that we can spend the money on. So im keeping it low key and im being budget savy! Im going to try to DIY, but I am NOT a crafty person. I would probably hot glue my fingers to something before even starting the project!