Apr 17, 2009

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I purchased this plain white zip-up hoodie (and matching shorts) from Old Navy, and then had my NEW last name embroidered on the back at a local shop.

Getting Ready Outfit photo 1 Getting Ready Outfit photo 2

Getting Ready Outfit photo 3 Getting Ready Outfit photo 4

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 Here's the first fitting....

Dress Fitting s photo 1 Dress Fitting s photo 2

Dress Fitting s photo 3 Dress Fitting s photo 4

Dress Fitting s photo 5

and the final fitting...with my "something blue" monogrammed on the lining...

Dress Fitting s photo 6 Dress Fitting s photo 7

Dress Fitting s photo 8

(I think the sash will be tied in back, or on the side with a brooch, haven't figured it out quite yet, but it will not be a bow on the side as pictured, I have no idea why I did that!)

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etsy seller:


Cake Topper photo 1 Cake Topper photo 2

on the cake:
Cake Topper photo 3



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We named our tables after famous San Francisco 49ers and Giants:

Table Numbers Bridal Suite sign photo 1 Table Numbers Bridal Suite sign photo 2

Door sign is reversible!

Table Numbers Bridal Suite sign photo 3 Table Numbers Bridal Suite sign photo 4

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We had our engagement picture photo shoot with our photographer, Diana of Diana Kay Photography.  We were lucky to find someone who works both in Dallas and in the San Francisco Bay Area!  These were taken in downtown Dallas.

Engagement Pictures photo 1 Engagement Pictures photo 2 Engagement Pictures photo 3Engagement Pictures photo 4

 Engagement Pictures photo 5 Engagement Pictures photo 6

Engagement Pictures photo 7 Engagement Pictures photo 8

And a few more from the album below:

Engagement Pictures photo 9 Engagement Pictures photo 10

Engagement Pictures photo 11 Engagement Pictures photo 12

Engagement Pictures photo 13 Engagement Pictures photo 14

Engagement Pictures photo 15 Engagement Pictures photo 16

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Love Knots by Vera Wang...we also have the matching cake serving set.

Toasting flutes photo 1