Jul 24, 2011

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I started planning the big day like a month ago. I didn't realize how much was involved. I know around and about what it is I want. I have put a down payment on my dress, and I have my bridal party picked. I also have the reception site done. I just need to remind them and book like in January. I am soo excited to go through this whole process. If it werent for my support team, I would pull my hair out.


I am sitting here trying to find a new color for my wedding, and hoping that this is the last time I have to do this. I had it all worked out, thaught it was done... Boy was I wrong. Now here I am almost starting at square one. This is so exhausting for me.


I found my new color. I chose whisteria from David's Bridal. I am actually loving my new plans more than the old. I am so happy that things turned out the way that they did.I am taking a time out from all of the planning so that I can make it through the holidays, but, I will be going full force again on January first. I am so ready to get married..


I am hoping that I can get the seating chart done early. I have been watching where people waite til the last minute and are soo stressed out. I dont want to be like that. I have started doing mine and realized that even though I'm doing mine early, it's still really hard. I have certain people I need to keep as seperate as possible, and it makes things even worse.