Nov 12, 2011

I’ve been in love with love, and the idea of something binding us together; you know that love is strong enough. I’ve seen time tell tales about that systematic drug, yeah that heart that beats as one; it’s collectively unconsciously composed. --San Francisco; The Mowgli's
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Happy Holidays PW!

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We've been blogged at Dutra's Photgrapy. They did an amazing job and I'm so happy with out choice! Here are our first set of teasers!

Mariée photo 1Mariée photo 2Mariée photo 3Mariée photo 4Mariée photo 5Mariée photo 6Mariée photo 7Mariée photo 8

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The night before our wedding (11.11.11) we snuck away for a few minutes during our rehersal dinner. We hid in my car and I gave DH his B-Pic book. I'm so happy I had my camera to record his reaction!

These pictures crack me up everytime!

Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 1Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 2Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 3Boudoir Fotografie Part Deux photo 4

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Girls night!


nuit de filles photo 1nuit de filles photo 2nuit de filles photo 3nuit de filles photo 4nuit de filles photo 5nuit de filles photo 6nuit de filles photo 7nuit de filles photo 8nuit de filles photo 9


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The Details

BandLes détails photo 1 Ronnie Lewis and the Expidition     

ThemeLes détails photo 2 French

FlowersLes détails photo 3 Taunton Flower Studio 

CeremonyLes détails photo 4 St. Michael Church Fall River, MA 

Tux Rentals Les détails photo 5 Tux Towne

PhotographerLes détails photo 6 Dutra's Photography - Website - Blog 

Hair & MakeupLes détails photo 7 Options 

TransportationLes détails photo 8 Sentinel Limo 

Reception VenueLes détails photo 9 Newport Marriott , RI 

Bridesmaid DressesLes détails photo 10 Gilda's Bridal 


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Our wedding date was November 12, 2011

Tying the knot in 5 Days!


Soirée photo 1 270 invited 218 accepted!

Soirée photo 2 52 couldn't make it.. LAME!

Soirée photo 3 0 haven't responded yet....

 5 were a no show.. RUDE!

Soirée photo 4 RSVP Date October 15, 2011


(idea borrwed from LaraD2mRdr