Nov 12, 2011

I’ve been in love with love, and the idea of something binding us together; you know that love is strong enough. I’ve seen time tell tales about that systematic drug, yeah that heart that beats as one; it’s collectively unconsciously composed. --San Francisco; The Mowgli's
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'Will you Marry me?'

On July 27, 2010 Patrick took me to Nantucket, MA. The plan was to spend the day at the beach and walk the shops; instead our first stop was to a local shop so I could buy a sweater.

We walked the town exploring side streets and neighborhoods for hours. I was tired, cranky, and my feet were sore. Eight miles later Patrick finally stopped at a clearing by the water where we layed on our towels in the grass by the sand.

I closed my eyes Patrick said, "let’s practice our French." He began counting and practicing simple phrases while I continued to lay with my eyes closed absentmindedly listening to him practice.

I heard, "veux-tu m'épouser." 

Confused, but thinking nothing of it I asked him to repeat it, "veux-tu m'épouser," he said again.

"Huh?" I said sitting up even more confused.

That's when I saw him with a tiny deep blue box in his hand when I finally translated for me, "Will you marry me?" 

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'Let's celebrate'

Reception Place: Newport Marriott, RI

Hors d'oeuvres. 

  • Scallop wrapped in bacon
  • Beef welington
  • Brushetta


Meal Choice:
  • Salmon with a BBQ glaze and salsa topping
  • Chicken with a lemon garlic sauce
  • Veggie Tower (surprisingly I LOVED! it was a muchroom cap on top of couscous with another mushroom cap underneath. adorned with Atrichoke hearts and zuccini) yummmm

Mock Table:
  • Our guests are offered a discount room rate
  • My Dad gets tons of Marriott points toward his membership
  • Free coat check/parking
  • One hour of open bar (cocktail hour)
  • FREE bridal suite as well as 4 FREE rooms 
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'Do it yourself'


Escort Card Display

Escort Cards

Inspiration Source: The Shappy Chic Cottage

Actual: These will hold the escort cards

Insipration Source escort cards. Recomended by my very sweet date twin nccatim!




I purchased the centerpiece from Michael's it's a wooden Eiffel Tower puzzle. We built them and spray painted them black with sparkles.

Mica, (Santosha) will also be using the Michael's Eiffel Tower and added the perfect accents that really complete the piece! With her blessing, I decided to go her route. I think it's just perfect now!


DIY Swarovski Bridal Hoodie


Cake table Decor


Des larmes de joie - Tears of joy


Save the Date: 

I taught myself Adobe Firworks and designed this. FI took the picture of the Eiffel Tower himself. The second picture is us on top of the Eiffel Tower after we said "Love you" for the first time. We ordered small business card size magnets from Vista Print

Vista Print sent them early which I was super excited about. The only thing and it's tough to see here but there is a white line at the bottom. I think they cut them wrong. I don't mind since it matches and they were cheap ($35 for 200)


I didn't want to just stick the magnet in the envelope. So I printed the card stock at Staples using a free design from The Wedding Chicks


Semi DIY Card Box


DIY Hangers



DIY MR. and MRS. Signs for head table 

All supplies from Michael's

Sorry it's dark! If I used the flash the letters came out blue! (like FI in the background? lol)

(the crystal vase in the background will hold my bouquet)


DIY water bottle labels for OOT bags

FREE template from an old PW post!



To save myself the headache of trying to design something, I downloaded the template from DIY Wedding Templates for $6.

I printed at Staples and with 30% off my order, everything totalled to $90 to print. (including prints for the favours)

I did have to cut everything with my paper trimmer (I bought a Fiskar's that could cut more than one sheet at a time, with 40% off coupon from Michaels for $15)