Jul 24, 2010

Hey Mr. DJ
( 0.8 / 5.0 )
He was extremely hard to get a hold of for the 3 weeks leading up to the wedding. When we did meet up with him, we filkled out some paperwork on what we wanted at the wedding. He seemed to think the fact that I was specific was great, but appanrently this was all for show. The night of the wedding, he played 1 song on the list we provided, yet played 2 songs on the "do not play" list. He barked orders at my photographer ( a close friend who I specifically told him to leave alone) like she was the lowest of hired help. He also barked orders at my husband and I as we cut the cake. My mom asked him to make an announcement, but he didn't listen close enough and made an erronious announcment that almost ruined our Photo Booth set-up. The bouquet and garter toss were late in the evening and finally at my request. He skipped the money dance, which my husband and I were counting on to get to talk to all at the wedding and also to help pay for some honeymoon expenses. Worst of all, he had told me in our first meeting that he often does a group picture on the dancefloor to get people out there. I told him this was unnecessary and that I DID NOT want to do it. He still did it the night of the wedding, squeezing my 160 guests onto a 20'x20' dancfloor. He had my 90 year-old grandmother kneeling on the floor behind her walker! It was ridiculous. He is most certainly not worth the cheaper price. Pay the extra $100 bucks for someone else in the Missoula Valley.

The only good thing I have to say is that he had a very friendly staff of two other DJs with him who were extremely nice, calm, and accomidating.
Services used: DJ